One Ring of Necromancy Test

I’m not sure if this should go under necromancy or baneful. Since its a necromancy ring but Im using it for a target.

But I created this ring and now its time to give it a test run.

The black stone part of the ring acts as a gateway to death and the dead. A portal of sorts. That I can call fourth the dead. I see them at the gateway standing almost like in a doorway. Waiting for me to call on them.

I set another black portal at my targets place. Its open and ready to be used.

I have pulled death through my portal the ring and sent it through the gate to my targets…

I blow my air across the top of my ring. Guiding and directing death to the targeted area. Death rushes in on them. It pulls from them much like a death eater.

It consumes them. And when death is done nothing but ashes will be left.

I see ashes and ashes. It goes on and on.

I will burn a death candle tonight. To bind the targets to my One Ring. Adding to its power.

I will update when I have them.


Any luck?

Yes, I can tell its taking a toll on them.

I can tell by what Im seeing and hearing, from my own observations and what others are saying.

Keeping an eye on everything right now.


It works! very well!!

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