Attempted Spider Necromancy

Attempted Spider Necromancy
Waning Crescent Moon in Libra, Saturday, Hour of the Moon

Tonight I took my first stab at necromancy. I didn’t really know what I was doing and would like to ask for feedback from those with solid experience (@norse900 , @DarkGodofQlippa , I think @Arianna, etc.)

I found a large house spider that I was very fond of dead recently. I suspect it was my fault; I smoked the house out during a banishing. I made it a little home with ritual ash, wormwood, myrhh, dittany of crete, rose petals, tincture of belladonna / poppy / apple / pomegranate, black candle smoke, and myrrh smoke.

I placed it on an altar I keep for local spirits and have been lighting a tea candle for it every day for about a week, asking it to patrol the house and weave spirit traps as well as patterns of prosperity and harmony.

Inspired by @norse900’s Unihipili Ritual I attempted a formal evocation, marking my first attempt on necromancy of any kind. I placed the spider and it’s home in my triangle and preformed a Hekatean style evocation with a consecrated yew wand and necromancy incense (with mullein, dandelion, black henbane oil, and myrrh).

I repeated my invitation to feed (offering it it’s own candle) and to house it in exchange for it’s assistance around the house. I called up a beloved psychopomp servitor of mine to assist. My clairaudience is still developing so I pulled cards:

I. How did it go: Page of Wands
II. How do they feel: Death R (lmao)
III. Their decision: Six of Swords, Two of Swords R

Page of Wands would be me, not really knowing what I’m doing but going for it anyways. Spider friend doesn’t seem to be sold on the idea (Six of Swords, Two of Swords R). Maybe because I probably accidentally killed it. Death Reversed suggests that the evocation was successful at least.

I gave no license to depart, inviting it to stick around, and closed my circle. I have no intention of delving into necromancy before my clairs are more developed but this fell into my lap and if anyone has any feedback about the format of my ritual, please share!


Fucking killed me… but if that’s the only thing I’m allowed to talk about so be it.

First, love that you have both Libra and Saturn at play. Libra because I like the sign and also sometimes Libra (for me at least) carries an air of passing from one “place” to another and the obstacles, changes, and evaluation that come with it. Saturn because I really love the planet (and planetary energy, I love Saturn-timed rituals) and because of it’s relation with time, focus, and the like. And I think the moon is such a great reflector and has really cool ‘gateway’ energy as well. So while I’m not 100% sure these are the best for necromancy because I’m no necro-master, I love the placements whether they’re intentional or convenient.

Not sure if this counts as ritual, but it would in my book. I love the idea of this (and have contemplated similar things but don’t have the skill atm) and think it’s really outstanding you would add this creature to your altar in such a fitting surroundings of these herbs and other ingredients. Belladonna and smoke stand out particularly to me. Ultimately, it’s a beautiful.

I think this was a great ask.

I remember reading this and just went to refresh my memory. I think it was a great choice for material and love how much respect you’re giving this little creature.

Just needed to comment on how appropriate yew is (at least to me, others might have other preferences).

Anytime I run into something necromancy, I also run to my cards for help understanding. Closing with a reading is a favorite of mine and I think it was a great choice in this situation too.

Overall, it seems to me that you encountered the dead creature, gave it an altar/home of its own, called it, gave offerings, invited it to roam the house with purpose, and then read cards about the ritual and outcomes. To me, that is a very solid ritual for something like this. Although I haven’t done ritual evocations and readings for spiders, I really admire the time and effort that went into this and the result–regardless of whether you have a new friend in the house or not. Who knows, maybe he’ll (?- I think I saw the pedipalps) drop by sometimes for a snack and wander away for a bit? In the times that I have encountered dead (humans), my rituals have been less formal but similarly outlined so from my perspective, this was amazing to read and I believe it was also a great ritual.

I’m no @norse900 or other with immersive necromancy experience though. Just little me who likes playing with spiders and finds herself in fields of the dead on occasion.


I wouldn’t have done anything differently in your case. I think the home is well thought out and shows genuine intent. If you did accidently kill it, it’s a nice way towards reconciliation, may be why it came.

I think that giving spider-friend some time will help. Tend to his “home” as a way of continuing to show intent and making amends. I think it’s likely willing to work with you. It may be reflecting your uncertainty at the process and procedure, so keep that in mind, too. Fake it 'till you make it and all that.

My “homes” for their remains have been origami boxes and my current Cornish Hen has a really sturdy cardboard box. You’re one up on me there :joy:


Spiders are short lived. It might have died of old age and your fumes were just coincidental and almost all insects are smoke resistant (not killed by it unless it’s made of insecticidal ingredients) because none of what you used are known insecticides. If they were then maybe it would be your fault as it is I suspect coincidence. As to spider being reluctant because you killed it? Maybe because you believe you did it believes you did even though you didn’t and once you get yourself straight things will work out. Maybe.


@Laurel_Spider I am overwhelmed by your kind and beautiful words, thank you so much for the truly lovely feedback!! I genuinely feel more confident about the ritual and its structure after reading what you wrote :spider_web: :black_heart: :spider:

@norse900 thank you for your feedback as well! I will keep up with the upkeep. Spiders are smaller and easier to accommodate then cornish hens :joy:

@Kish I hadn’t thought of that, thank you :slight_smile:


I think @norse900 and @Laurel_Spider have said everything I would have said.

Its lovely that you made such a nice home for it. :house_with_garden: :heart:


Thank you Ari! :purple_heart:


@Mythopoeia you’ve definitely got all the cool herbs and incenses that I can’t even source where I am ( dittany of Crete I’d kill for).

Format of the ritual looked good, likes your puling information from the cards, I’m not sure I’d have used that medium for this divination but your surprisingly comfortable and able to shift gears with the tarot and have it be accurate so it doesn’t matter what I think there.

I give the whole project an A+ for creativity, versatility and ability.



Here’s my Cornish Hen’s home.


We get graded now :scream:

:memo: copies off @Mythopoeia 's paper. :sweat_smile:


I have something similar for a cat. It was a box i had bought for halloween but its shaped like a coffin :coffin: and has like day of the dead designs on it.


Thank you @DarkGodofQlippa!

Have you tried etsy?

Would you have used a pendulum, or a black mirror, or something else?


I need straight yes no answers from divination sometimes and when I do I usually use a pendulum and a coin toss heads yes, tails no to confirm my results.

You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re doing what you know and feel good about. Keep doing that. You might for yes or questions look at the dignity of the card, reversal status and overall character and flavor of the card ( which I’ve observed you do just fine) and determine yes no based on that. With tarot yes nos, it’s never a bad idea to confirm with a coin toss I find.

Do prepare the coin first obviously. Cleanse it, charge it for divination, pass it through incense smoke, ask a patron to imbue it, how ever you choose and then keep that coin with your deck.

That’s my thinking.


I once had a mystical experience after saying a quick prayer for a bird that died. I felt that it was not necessary. I felt that the these smaller animals’ souls “faded” upon death, they united with the Soul of the World.

Your tarot pulls with Death and the 6 of Swords seem to go down that path nicely. But of course this is simply my own experience.

Our ego appears to continue after death. But how “real” is our ego? We are a combination of an immense amount of influences.


I have kept it on my local spirits altar and fed it daily. This may have backfired. In a dream state I saw that my home is COVERED in large black spiders and their webs. Spiders the size of cats. There must be at least 100. Idk if they are all expressions of spider friend, or its “brood” (can spider spirits breed? Idfk).

I. Wtf is this?: Death
II. What should I do?: Knight of Swords
III. What should I be concerned about?: The Sun



Mmmm :astonished: yeah…

Well it was a good experiment… until spiders the size of cats came into this anyway…




I mean, if they are warding the place I’m all for it. But this is out of hand, lol. Knight of Swords says I need to deal with it immediately.

No wonder Prince Orobas keeps giving me the Death card. Lol!


Yeah before they turn into spiders the size of elephants…then you’d really have a headache. I wonder if they could be sent like a package…:thinking:


This is interesting. I think I’d call up spider-friend and ask him that they move along. Maybe what the purpose if having so many there before going there.

The reason is that I was banking on a couple of things, but wasn’t sure. One was that my work with the Unihipili-side had me wondering why some of the same spirits were more complex than others. 2 of the 3 geckos were simpler than the 1st. I’ve noticed it less with the various cornish hens I’ve experimented with, which are, arguably, more complex than geckos. I’ve been wondering if more complex spirits sometimes take bodies reserved for less complex spirits for one reason or another. Nesting a bunch of spiders suggests spider-friends spirit might be more complex than a regular spider, but I can say that with certainty.

The other part was my wondering if it was complex, was it bringing the idea to you to try this? Were you picking up on that and the idea was fruit from that? Some combination?

I would typically agree with what @Dankquanicus said somewhere above about simpler spirits just recycling immediately, but there are enough one-offs I notice.


I asked Lachesis for guidance about how to approach them:

I called them up, with Hekate and the Fates. I took a commanding but diplomatic tone.

The multi-form was their attempt to “be everywhere at once”. I told them to use their web for that instead. I told them that I am grateful and that they are very welcome to stay, but they need to pull back significantly.

I sent them a clear vision of what I wanted, told them to reduce to one form, and that I was reducing offerings to once a week. I encouraged them to infest the rest of the rooms in the building, and to bind the other occupants from interfering with me, but my space needs to be balanced and under my control. They agreed.

What an unexpected journey, lol.