Magick Bones

Are any of you on here doing the process of getting bones ready for bone readings? With some sort of connection with necromancy, beyond just using the bones? :bone: :skull:

Like binding a spirit associated with necromancy to the bones?


Well, I will just explain what Im seeing. A female magician, with bones spread out on a purple cloth. When not working with them she wraps them in the cloth and stores them in a box.

She seems to want to attach me to the bones. For devination. But with a high dose of necromancy.

Which honestly, I dont mind it that much. I just wish I knew more about who I would be working with. If that makes any sense.


Most of these things are cultural or within a discipline, unless it’s a personal system. I’m assuming you don’t know anything about the “where” at this point.

Anything on the culture? Ethnicity?

Any spirits attached to the bones or nearby? If she isn’t a complete beginner, there’s likely some thing/spirit nearby, influencing.


Im feeling US. I can tell you what she looks like. Shes maybe medium build, attractive, a little curvy. Long brownish red hair. Maybe late 20s to mid 30s.

She feels experienced. I get the feeling shes worked with spirits and bones before but maybe not like this. Putting a spirit in the bones. I get the feeling this is a project of sorts.

I feel like Im suppose to influence the bones in some way by being attached to them. Perhaps a way of getting me to tell the outcome or probable outcomes of questions.

It would definitely be a good a challenge to try and manipulate bones to land a certain way for a specific reading. But Im not sure could be aware everytime.

Shes located somwhere where magick is legal and for the most part excepted. Like i dont think she hides her practice.


Ah, yeah, some things came to mind, reading that.

Anchoring, attuning, or influencing? If you work with some spirits in-depth, then it may make sense to use a special indicator. Think of it like how someone specific gets the King of Wands and comes to represent that card to you. She may be doing that with a bone, on purpose.

I’m assuming it’s a bit more in-depth than attuning a bone to a type of energy, say, a psychopomp vibe or primordial chaos. She is trying to feed or house the bone.

First time for her? Other energy types (maybe via representative beings or bindings of Goetics or similar)? Is this an energy type thing or is she trying to use specific bones to know which specific spirit to call in divination?

All right, Imma try to shut the brain off now, to get to sleep before midnight…

…we know I’ll be peeking through my fingers until sleep happens…


Its like she wants spirit to go into all the bones in this set.

I feel she wants it to be more like when she asks the question and tosses the bones, im suppose to guide the bones to land the right way to give the reading. Thus, being in each bone I could do that. (I think :sweat_smile:)


Okay so no bones yet, but I do have a purple cloth and I just started exploring Necromancy, but I am not really leaping into it until after the new year.


Are you planning on binding a spirit to bones or thought about it?

You do fit the bill for the looks and in the US :smiley:


Sounds somewhat standard, then.

Some people will use deceased intuitives/readers/similar to mix necromancy with divination. Martin Coleman has that in the book I’m reading. I would find a different source than him, if you can. He can be off-putting.


Cool thanks!


Halfway through, he’s talking about bolstering a deceased spirit for divination and to influence it. If something more useful comes up, I’ll mention it.


That will be great!


Honest I am not sure yet, but it sounds like something that could come to pass with me.


Well, if you do I can say , it could be profitable. Its how im feeling from it.

Like its part of a bussiness or something new being added to a magical bussiness.

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And look a there, Im already doing divination :crystal_ball:

Without even meaning too :rofl:


If someone wants to try this I would seriously be up to trying it , just the challenge of it for me would be cool AF.


If you think about it for us it would make sense. I will definitely hit you up if this is something that comes in my path.


She seems to be using a fish hook or more. It feels like it’s hooked into my skin and pulling.

But I still ain’t in those bones :rofl:. I will fight this. Just because. I’m sure there was a nicer way.

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But there is also male magician that I had a good argument about not going into his set of bones.

He’s using deer and goat bones. That doesn’t bother me. I can still smell the gameness in the bones and I see clovers and mossy grass, I’m assuming is what they ate.

I didn’t mind too much going into the bones but of course I always fight anything.

I suppose going on with the necromancy thing, I seem to be attached now to the bones that are now covered with graveyard dirt. Apparently, that’s for three days. I’m not stoked about it but… Ehh… whatever.

Not sure what grand idea he will have after that. But there it is.

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Be careful not to be captured

Measure the magician’s planes of operation. Astral and lower mental would not be a good sign