Akhkharu: Vampyre Magick?

Has anyone worked through Akhkharu: Vampyre Magick, or have any thoughts about it? Maybe @Secrana or @faustus ?

I read The Book of the Witch Moon a few years ago, but am not particularly familiar with Michael Ford’s work.



In terms of Vampirism I have only read
Don webbs book Energy magick of the vampyre (was bad)
and the Vampire‘s way to psychic selfdefense by
John Kreiter.

I wanted to read Akhkharu too… but I havent yet. Heard he describes an effective way to connect with old vampire „spirits“ that initiate you on the astral after setting the intent before sleep…
Watched some yt videos about it. His work seems much more applicable than Michelle Belanger‘s Vampire codex.


I tried reading her book on dream walking and hated it. Couldn’t get more than a chapter in.

Thank you @Secrana :slight_smile:


That’s a Ford book right? I have downloaded it a few times, but most of his books are not for me so I’ve not read it.

But I could- kindle unlimited will let me, it’s me failing to read it that is stopping this progress… :woman_shrugging::worried::rofl:


I ripped the EPUB some time ago in effort to work through it. The first section is more so “common knowledge” for vampirism (e.g. parasympathetic bonds with your target and the ways to leech from them), then mentions of prana/chakra work and imbuing yourself with the energy you receive.

The latter sections go more into working with named vampiric spirits, their rites, opening black gates, and Qlipphotic workings. If you’re into Draconian approach to walking on a vampiric/beastial path, then there might be something valuable for you.

Personally, I find it to be alright. Not so much for me other than ripping a few invocations here and there for spirit communication.


Thank you @vverfault :slight_smile:

I’ve started it, and I’ll finish it, but it’s not quite my style. I dont understand what the point is of repetitivly emphasizing that you accept only yourself as God if you can’t even create a servitor in your own name, but have to default to Lilith. And what is the point of asserting your “predatory spirituality”, if you are just then going to try and justify vamping? Spineless authorship.

I’m looking forward to the later invocations.


No to express strong opinion, but Ford tends to have pretty conflicting ideology between asserting oneself as a God yet also relying on the empowerment of other gods, lol. Subconscious, deific mask or not.

My eyes glossed over the heavily involved Qliphotic workings, though if one really wants to submerge their soul into this black beast, then that’d do it. I feel like the Leviathan (not sure why he was there but I went with it), Lilith, Hekate, and maybe Samael workings was enough to get you to that point. Since the power is supposed to be in yourself, yeah?

To each their own though. It felt like overkill with all the spirits involved, but I feel like you, Myth, possess the mastery to recraft it into something more practical.


Most of his works are like that. I’ve finished several through Prime and haven’t bought them. It’s like he has to remind himself of his Luciferian beliefs every chapter or so.


That’s very kind of you to say :slight_smile:


Imagine forgetting them though :joy: