Why Choose Vampirism as a Practice?

For those who have done Energy Vampirism or taken it on as a path, what was your reasoning for that/ why did you choose it?


I just wanna see it it works :woman_shrugging:

Preferably, on one of the many assholes I am running baneful works on.

Also, to learn how to recognize and defend against it.


I don’t actively practice it, but I learned about as a baneful attack approach, and have used it like that so.

Usually I’m doing the opposite with my energy work, and that’s adding to or using/directing the energy but not absorbing it.

I actually dislike taking in outside energies. :woman_shrugging:


:clap:t3:Dear :clap:t3:god :clap:t3:filter :clap:t3:if :clap:t3:you :clap:t3:do :clap:t3:this:
Let’s suppose you know a bad person, like a child abuser. Literally any other application of that abuser’s energy is better compared to what they do. To me, this isn’t holy or serving some greater purpose. It’s practical. Abusers’ energy is better applied to other means.

If you’re a nondual bro like myself, even people are just a mode of perceiving, or focus. Like, you can choose to aim focus on individual blades of grass.

Or, James 4:14 whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? It is just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

It’s a perspective, like the idea of the four seasons: trying to focus on one person vamping another person. It’s all just a time lapse: of grass birthing (spring), maturing (summer), growing elderly (Fall), dying (winter).

Tldr: vamping energy doesn’t mean that much. It’s just cycles of energy, doing lil dances and making songs.


Was curious if it was a formidable form of energy work/what merits it had.


Reading through Michael Ford, human energy is listed as “the purest form of energy”. I think someone would be better off reading about daoist energy techniques and the works of Jerry Alan Johnson.


To me, it’s more of a “best bang for your buck” type of deal. Like, if you vamp, it’s most efficacious to opt for a living human.


I would only do this to fuck with people. If I want to cultivate energy, I’ll do qi gong.


I think that’s because you don’t really have to do anything to use it.

Like I’ve read about energy vampires that can’t get enough energy from nonhuman donors and I think it’s because it’s not converted to a form their body can use and for some reason theirs just doesn’t do it on its own.

Like… if you have a diesel truck, it won’t run gas, but it’s real similar. The engine can be converted…

Idk I can’t come up with a good example to explain it.

Human energy is compatible without any conversion/ they just have to absorb it. Even the act of transmuting it might be too hard if you were already deficient so… I think it’s about being ready as is, and the other energies mix and change when added to our own, they don’t stay as they are- but usually we don’t have to actively do anything, our bodies can use it as it comes, change it easily etc.


I didnt choose the vampire life the vampire life chose me :sweat_smile::laughing:

It was by accident. I wasnt planning on it.


Ugh… same…
I still havent figured out to keep myself fresh and nourished and NO its not easy like „go outside there is energy anywhere“ lol. At least not for me.

I admire those who are just using at as a technique without depending on it.