On the Angels of Days

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If i have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if i have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.
~1 Corinthians 13:1-2

On September 21st I’ll be commencing with a year-long working involving the Gregorian Angels of the Days.

The names and sigils were developed via gematria, tarot, and qabalistic principles and cataloged in a years long working with an order I have experience with.

My daily process will involve scrying sigils, meditation on related tarot cards, and making daily talismans. Some days will involve more comprehensive ritual work, such as the 8 festivals and the 3 days of the writing of the Book of the Law.

As a force of accountability, and to practice writing, I’ll be posting my process and thoughts here starting on 9/21.


Definitely following this thread. Lots of unexplored territory with angels!


Off to a good, if light, beginning.

By rights this should have been a more complex process today. Being a beginning, and perhaps an ending. Today’s angel is also one of two of the equinoxes, and one of four of the astronomical festivals, and one of eight of the festivals overall.

But today was just not a big working day.

Today is the day of Ikion, WAY TURNING.
His presence is illustrated by the Hermit and Wheel of Fortune. His name is spelled Yod Kaph(Yod Nun). In the system im working with the year is divided into 12 and 24 “realms” based on the cards/hebrew letters, and he is the last angel of spirit and way.

After another meditation practice this morning I set a slow metronome, as Ikion works with time and rhythm. I meditated on the affirmation “I am a speck on the ocean of time”, whike contemplating the two tarot cards. I switched my attention to a card I’d made with his sigil, and attempted to make contact via visionary methods. He presented as expected-tall and strong, and perhaps on the male end of genderless. I say “he” as a convention. He bears a great wheel. His robe is yellow green, with a violet br that turns around his waist.

His nature is our binding to existence, spinning us into creation. I ask two questions about his nature and my(our) relationship to it. I get sensations, feelings, but I’m not deep enough to get answers i can bring back. I’ll definitely try to make contact again.

I addes his hebrew letters to the sigil card, and on the back added some of the above mentioned information, like a flashcard. I carried it with me today as a talisman and tried to keep my mind 9n contemplation of cycles, and time, and the relationship of stillness and motion.

Soon after i was on a video call with a teacher of Naad Yoga, and accepted an invitation to the first year of a three year training with him, with a goal of completing the three years. When that happens I’ll have a commitment to be a link in that chain, passing on the teaching as part of the cycle of student to teacher, to mentor students to become teachers.



I’ve been a little under the weather, so for the last few days I’ve mainly done contemplation work, and carried the daily talisman cards. In the spirit of completion, here are the Angels of the last few days.

Sept 22 Liliel TRUTH TELLING
Appears emerald robes, wearing lapiz lazuli, and bearing a feather. She appears twice in the cycle, suggesting the double current of MAAT, which i will comment on at her next appearance.

Her affirmation is “I speak with a feather against my heart”, her cards are justice x2.

Justice and the Hanged Man
She who teaches the sacrifice of truth
Her affirmation is “I surrender to a truth I do not understand”

I did a short visualization with Lamiel, starting with her cards, then sigil, then stepping into the sigil. I was in a small clearing in a dense wood. Maybe more like a jungle. Old. The light and sky had a purple ish hue, like right before dusk with a bad rain on the way. But it was pleasant and peaceful.
Lamiel presented as a huge stone statue, much taller than me. Dark gray like basalt, but smooth like marble. The emerald robes were real, not carved, and fluttering. She held two mirrors that faced each other, and although the statue didnt move, she spoke to me about truth in the face of consequence, and letting go of my need to be right.

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Justice and Death.
Only contemplation today, on the sigil, cards, and affirmation “I am multivalent”.
Thoughts of controlled change, growth, and willingness to change worldviews in the face of new information.

Justice and Temperance
"My decisions are forged by experience "
By our work we are changed

Justice and the Devil
In what way are we disguising the truth?
“I reveal my own truth”
Be mindful and authentic

Justice and the Blasted Tower
'I will speak my truth"

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