Tarot journal

Ok i thought I’ll make a tarot journal to practice my readings and see if I’m right or not with the help of all of you. So here is my very first reading on this tarot journal. (I have done tarot reading before but in the journal it’s gonna be my first)

Q: am i talking to the the real hermes or not?

Ans: 1) 9 of swords reversed : which could probably mean that i have alot of issues going on but I’m getting this word in my mind that I’m thinking too much negatively and it’s causing alot of issue. That I’m doubting on hermes being an imposter when really he isn’t.

  1. 7 of swords reversed: I’m thinking it could be that i understand my issues and now I’m starting to heal from it or even facing it. Like asking through tarot instead of just sitting there and thinking on it. I’m getting the feeling like it could represent him helping pick away all this swords that hurt me

  2. 6 of swords upright: I’m moving on from the issues but I’m getting this word in my mind maybe I’m running away from those issues. I’m also feeling like this man in the scene could be hermes helping me by taking me away (the word “safely” is popping in my head don’t know why lol) from this issue

  3. 8 of swords upright: it feels like I’m the only one that’s holding myself back and tying myself and blocking myself from contacting when he’s trying to help me with it.

  4. ace of swords reversed: I’m feeling like that if i breakthrough from this block i have made myself i will get the Clarity and answers and truth to all of this question whether if it’s him or not him. I’m also getting this feeling like maybe he’ll be that sword helping me reach to the truth. For some reason I’m also getting a kingly vibe which is werid. The crown in the scene feels like it’s for me or represents me when i reach my true potential.

I also realized that nowadays i keep getting those reversals whenever i do a reading for myself. Which is werid cause for me reversals are bad but today’s reading taught me it’s not and that it can be good too also i got the words associated with this cards from the internet and interpretation i did take from the internet but i tried to interpret it myself too. Hope it was accurate and if it’s not let me know where should i correct it thank you everyone.

Ok that was really werid while i was shuffling to close the reading well 6 of pentacles just fell out. Hm don’t know what it could be trying to say so can anyone tell please, thanks everyone for patiently reading through this .