On failure

I was notified last night that this fight was lost. There just wasn’t enough activity to keep the machines running. Such a loss for this family and I have requested the help from those psychopomps and others to assist the family.

If you do enough magic, with enough complexity, you WILL fail at some point. More later.

It is easy to wonder and question when things don’t go like you want, especially when you could feel the power and willingness of entities to intervene on your behalf. It can make you question the ritual, the materials, the entities, … all of it.

You can second-guess yourself for as long as you want to. I wouldn’t encourage it, but ritual reflection is something we should all be doing to improve our own craft, in the ways that are meaningful for us and these may not reflect in other people’s practices or Occult view. The point of view and opinions of my Daoist instructor are not going to be the same as a traditional Western Ceremonial practitioner.

So, what can you do? Before that, I would actually take a moment to recognize that YOU lifted a hand to try to help. That’s important to recognize. We have a large community of talented magicians with a wide variety of skills and when someone pops on here with an issue, this same community takes time out of their day/studies to help in the way they feel appropriate for them. Some can walk into a dedicated ritual space to help and some can’t be that open about what they do.

I think it’s really important to recognize that in a world full of apathy and excessive business, YOU did what you could.

Like I said above, if you do enough rituals, with enough complexity, you will experience failure. But what does that mean? It could simply be the lack of the complete outcome you were wanting. It could be a partial, as it was with mine. It could be the utter silence of not seeing anything happen, but this could mean its still being worked out. Naturally, a negative outcome may also be considered one, but should consult a spirit or a reader to get a better idea. Another path may be better overall.

I said mine was a partial success. The child was expected to live and only the functioning was of concern (and the organs). Well, the brain function just couldn’t recover. The donatable organs did and those are being donated to bring prolonged life to other children in need. Mixed bag for me.

I do so many rituals, usually hard things by the time they bring them to me, that I had to take things like this as something that will happen. Yes, my heart is heavy for the family. I know and care for a direct family member. I have leveraged my relationships to help this family now grieve for a lost adult and grade school child.

Things like this are disappointing, but this doesn’t make me question magic, the ritual, or the entities I used. But I can say that if I had done NOTHING, I would wonder if I could have made a difference.

Use your influence. Cast your spells. You don’t have to tip the balance every time. Those times you do will sustain you through moments like these.


That’s sad to hear. My heart goes out to you and the family

It makes me wonder though, why they couldn’t set up a stationary bike and take turns pedalling to generate electricity for a child’s machines or some other generator (unless it’s a war zone but in such a case a small human powered bicycle one wouldn’t be noticed). Not judging just thinking Someone should have had a backup plan for supplying power for pediatrics in an emergency situation and sad that they didn’t have a backup or a backup for the backup whichever was the case…


Kish, he doesn’t have enough brain activity. The organs healed, but the brain did not recover from the lightning strike.


Not what I wondered.

I wondered why there wasn’t a plan about having enough power for the life support not suggesting he’d have got better (that’s not a consideration since he died.

Just if they didn’t have a plan for power supply for his condition will they have it for someone else’s condition if it wasn’t sufficient in his case to leave him on til the living accepted and said goodbye .

Not saying he should have been kept on or could have got better no one can second guess reality. What is is, everything else is speculation since what’s not reality is in the realm of imagination not fact.

Sorry that came out a bit clumsy, (hope it clears up what I was saying)

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No, plenty of power for the machines, my friend. Otherwise, outside of some catastrophe, there would be a different set of rituals and I would unleash every bit of emotion and energy I could glean from the various elemental sources I tap from.

But no, I feel for the medical teams, too, not just the family. It’s tragic for ALL of those involved. Not preventable. We’d have better odds of winning the Lottery than this happening. TWICE.

All good, Kish. No worries.



Sometimes Magick doesn’t work because it would put too great a strain on the morphic field. For example, I could devote my life to a Magickal working to get myself appointed by the Westminster Parliament as the UK sovereign and believe it or not, that is a possibility - however, there are degrees of improbability.

Not sure that any of the above helps, but I’m trying.
And I respect you.



I get it and agree. Part of my reason for being so public is that failure shouldn’t stop people from trying hard things. “Impossible” things.

Since I’ve posted this, he was taken off of Life Support, has sporadic brain activity, and that’s where it’s at.

I think a lot of people don’t TRY because of the fear of failure. You can’t have success without trying, though, and playing on a…Nation State or similar level for prolonged periods would require one to do so. Especially strategically.

This, I KNOW you understand


I’m really sorry about this, that’s a bad deal.

Yeah you’re right that you did something about it. I quit magic after a love I tried to reconcile ended in tragedy and death. I questioned whether it was worth it to pursue the occult sciences at all if it could fail when you need it most.

You’re also right too you’re going to fail.

Ritual reflection is a big part of my results diagnosis.

I’m not so concerned about the ones I slam dunked I’m concerned with and analyze the ones I fail on. I ask myself the magician who could have done this, what would he have done that I didn’t do or what would he have done differently maybe.

That’s how we grow.

I tried at making a lucky Gris Gris bag and ring to help with my gambling. Total fucking failure each and every time I tested it purely by the numbers. I’m like fuck! This sucks I make really crappy talismans, ( made by scratch I mean, prefabs that just need proper consecration is easy enough we can pretty much all do that right?) But to put it together from scratch with the right chemistry of correspondences to make it a hot one. Nah I don’t got it.

So, I’m getting me a baal kadmon book on talismans and going back to school.

This process of self reflection needs to be brutally honest and if we can’t or won’t do it ourselves it’ll eventually come in the form of criticism, constructive or not so constructive from others when our errors bring us into conflict with others perhaps.

Anyway enough of mg rambling, condolences for the family of those who passed and condolences Norse.