Norse's Psi and Similar Link Dump

I was recently asked by several members about energy work and where I got started with it. I’ve spoken about it before, but that doesn’t give anything clickable. So, I went digging today to find remnants of long ago, when the Internet was still a Wild West of sorts.

Before the advent of Home Internet, I would be found at the library, looking for and reading anything they had on the Subconscious, Psychic Skills, Shamanism, Biofeedback, and similar. There wasn’t much of a spell book selection in small city Indiana back in those days. You’d have to drive 30+ minutes to the next larger city and they still wouldn’t have much. I would encourage some reading into those areas.

WIth the advent of home internet and the maturation of bulletin boards came articles and sites like CrystalLinks, which was a whole lot grungier back in the day. It was mostly a list of links that were loosely organized, and New Age, iirc.

Sadly, most of the places I used to go to are no longer around.

But Psipog is in the Internet Archive, it seems. : Science is Evolving


Here are some of the links about the Subconscious (or similar) that can be somewhat difficult to find. Not every link was captured at the same time. They may seem basic, but the practice is really important to my own practice. You may or may not find it useful.

Communicating with the Subconscious - peebrain.

Subtle Subconscious Ripples - Peebrain

Other Perception - Several more articles about the Subconscious, OBE’s, and sensitivity.


I vaguely recognized some of the names from[](https://The Psion Guild). You may find some of their stuff interesting. Most of the basic stuff is really basic and short, so don’t be surprised.

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Haven’t done a lot of digging here, but there should be something of value in this mess
Psi Palatium.

The right hand filter shows quite a few categories.

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Another thing I wanted to bring up and forgot is that this sort of area is full of charlatans, just like the Occult in general. Read with a grain of salt. In the end, this is about the practice than any strict theory.

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This was one of the books I remember reading back in the day. This exact cover. I think @Veil has recommended it a few times in the past.


That is poggers.

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Lol, I had to look that up :joy:

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I couldn’t help it after seeing the name! If that site were still around today it would be quite something!

Also, it really is great we can still access sites that are no longer around through the internet archive!

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