The Obsidian Oubliette - Lovecraftian Workings

Greetings! @norse900 and I thought it might be interesting to start a thread for individual and collective workings within the current of The Old Ones.

As time goes on, we may decide to make new threads with different tracks based on the different facets of the path, i.e.: Energetic, Psychic, External, Dream, etc.

For now, though, we will just keep it to the single thread until further notice.

I look forward to sharing my own experiences, as well as seeing what others have to contribute as well. May we each share as we learn, and learn as we share…

“The process of delving into the black abyss is, to me, the keenest form of fascination.”
– Howard Phillips Lovecraft


This was a conversation with Yog-Sothoth. He had some interesting things to say in it and it continues to shape the path they now have me on, too.


Me: “I apologize (stumbling to find a working pen). I wasn’t prepared for this.”

YS: “Nor did you have reason to be. We yanked you from one grimoire to begin working on another. I would encourage you to take notes.”

YS: “For we can call everyone. But we don’t. We have called on many. Some for power. Some for glory (their position). Some for ability. And some simply to further our influence amongst the general unconscious (collective) of Man. Any way you define ‘Man’. It doesn’t apply to us.”

(I thought of ‘just’ being a tool, a servant to be stepped on)

YS: “Not quite. You are not ‘Us’ and there are more than enough mindless tools in your world. We prefer people with power.”

(‘Power’ is an overloaded term here, as is ‘prefer’)

YS: “You’re starting to see. You were contacted recently by one whose place (location or the structure spiritually) you cannot determine, but whose power left those in ritual listening intently…”

Me: “I was. I don’t fully understand. Different from you.”

YS: “Yes, different. But similar.”

(I went to take a sip of wine and felt he’d like to taste it through me. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but as I went to agree to it, I was stopped by some spirits I work with. It wasn’t to never do it, but to wait. “If one is not attuned to the energy (of this magnitude), it can lead to sever unbalancing, meaning spiritual or emotional psychosis could be nearer”)

YS: “Yes, that is wise (for you)” - he knew of the danger and was indifferent to it.

I have some notes after this about how YS, Cthulhu, and Shub-Niggurath came way too fast, too easily when called, which I figured meant that they had plans they’d like me to take part in.

I was/am not a huge fan of Lovecraft, but have read his “Complete Collection” Some stories I liked, some were boring. But it was easy to feel an undercurrent.

At this point, I was considering working through the Necronomicon tarot deck like I had with the (original) Lessons of the Deck thread. (Note - this is essentially what I’m doing with the Black Book of Azathoth right now).

Parts of the entries for the following days are likely of value, but I don’t have the time right now to go through and filter them only for the useful stuff. Some of the stuff I will leave out are about my specific style of practicing or about things going on mundanely that wouldn’t matter. I’ll get to it at some point.


Most of my earlier work with these entities revolve around a few different practices. Different disciplines revolving around calling and interacting with Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, and Shub-Niggurath. They were simply the ones whose gaze I felt, which is why I came to call on them.

Most of the workings involved meetings and petitions. The meetings involved opening a symbol as a gate and projecting my mind through it. Similar to scrying and astral projection, as best I can describe it. It’s an active process, not a passive reception.

This was done this way partly of necessity, not some uber master plan of magical wisdom. I take medicine to help me sleep and stay that way. Doesn’t knock me out, just helps the process. I still wake up several times a night. Part of that is due to PTSD and in Iraq, we spent a lot of time out and about at night, foot patrolling. Not complaining, but I’m also a natural night owl. Thus, the OTC stuff to assist. Which is a really long way of saying I don’t typically remember my dreams and I place no real faith in those I have. They will be about War, sacrifice, and suffering. I HAD to find another way.

When I first started, I was conscious that most of the Lovecraft’s named entities would have egregores, but that there was an undercurrent. My goal was to work with these until the entities (more) behind that egregore would come forward to give the next piece of the puzzle. Peeling the onion. It was also planned, with the accepted of Yog-Sothoth, that these pieces would be shared at some point.

When I provide them, use at your own risk.

I suppose I should explain that of the entities I’ve worked with, including the two new ones in my Azathoth thread, it is Yog-Sothoth that is most interested and active. I’m reasonably certain that he’s pulling the strings in my projects. It may be that this thread will slant towards him more heavily and that’s why. It’s why I have an idol to him, though I am searching for (affordable and interesting) idols for Cthulhu and Shub-Niggurath, too. They will come.

YS is known as the Gate and the keeper of the key of gates. I really do see YS as Hermaeus Mora and part of the reason is that KNOWLEGE is a gate of it’s own…and a key. It’s a matter of peeling the onion and realizing that that peel is in itself an onion. Then having to decide where to place your time and efforts.

Sorry, but someone hit the Bat Phone. This IS going somewhere, though.


It’s very intriguing to me that YS seems to be the prime driving force for you, as well. I suppose it has something to do with them “knowing the way, etc.”

It’s almost like we’re intruments for them to generate more ways of knowing more things.

My experience has been mostly dream related. I’ve not used this current ritually, except once. Three weeks later we were locked in quarantine. I tell myself it’s unrelated, but something in the back of my mind has a hard time accepting that notion.

I’ve been meaning to post some of my experiences here. Hopefully i’ll find a way to make the time to do so soon. It’s not been my primary current, but it’s been one of the more intriguing ones, that’s for sure…


It is interesting. In Qayin’s Azathoth work, he’s largely left out, which was a bit shocking to me, given that he was a driving force in this earlier work I had done.

Interesting way to put that. Yeah, I could see that in a sense. And every-so-often they throw us a bone. But Yog-Sothoth should already know it, right? Well, according to lore.

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Was it? I hate it when I sleep and lose my train of thought.

Ah, the onion and the gates. Got it.

I explained that I went into this earlier stuff expecting to peel an onion, but not because I wanted it to be that way. It’s because I could sense the entity that came and sense a stronger connection behind it. It was almost like I had to “put in work” to find the closer versions to that “ultimate” source of energy behind the masks.

I wasn’t long after I started working with him that I decided to no use any of my sleep aids to see what my dreams would be like. YS know of this and it ended up being an hours long dream where I would induce people into orgasm through a sort of mental dominance, but not myself. Which means I’ve noped out of working on that technique (though I still vaguely remember how it felt to use it in the dream). Then again, something like that just might mean I can retire…

I am still looking for my symbols for YS. I’ve found one and several for Cthulhu, but I know I had several for YS, some of which were for areas for gnosis and others to interact with entities waiting at that location.


Been way too swamped in the Qliphoth to do any workings with the Old Ones, lately.

Perhaps I’m just unconsciously giving myself a mental break from this particular current for a moment. In the past, I wouldn’t even recognize that I was in the deep end until I was already drowning. Perhaps I’m learning afterall… Haha


Those are necessary. We’re no use to ourselves or them, if we aren’t functional.


I dreamed about an ancient marble staircase in the desert last night. It went about 100 feet into the air and just… ended. People were walking up it and falling off to their death.

I became lucid and, somehow, I knew this was not related to my Gamaliel workings…

I forced myself through the crowd of observers and up the staircase. The stairs began to crumble behind me as I ascended. A familiar voice pierced my mind. It was Nyarlathotep…

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’ve been hiding from us…” Chills begin running up and down my spine as I’m recalling this. I continue making my way up the staircase as it continues to crumble.

“Luckily for you, time is different here. So you havent kept us waiting…” The staircase is now just a single step at the top supporting me almost a dozen stories above the ground.

“I’m not sure what approach to take at this point. I’ve meditated and instantiated your teachings, and now I’ve wound up in a completely different system…”

He laughs, “You don’t believe that. You began studying that other system to elucidate your undertanding of us…”

This was actually something I had forgotten along the way. I really needed to hear this from him…

A black bolt of lightning strikes me in the top of my head and I wake up gasping.


Dream about a floating eye above a desert landscape.

This didn’t feel reated to Belphegor or Thagirion, so I assume it was the Old Ones checking up on me; wondering what I’ve been up to. Or, rather, letting me know that they know what I’m up to…

I’m not sure how to tie my current workings in with my past with the Old Ones. Perhaps it’s not as complicated as I’m making it, though. Their energy is very similar to the more desolate layers of the Sitra Achra. I’ll keep that in mind for now.


Last night I had a dream that all of the black holes in our universe began gravitating toward and absorbing each other until the last two absorbed each other before exploding into another “Big Bang” sort of event. There was a maniacal laughter like that of an ancient child.

I was a sort of disembodied consciousness outside of it all and got the subtle notion of an infinite game of billiards causing and effecting itself for countless eternities. Then I woke up to the sound of a roaring train. I would’ve liked to have watched it play out for a little longer. Oh well. It is what it is…