New Members Please Introduce yourselves here!

Hey everyone, Baalpit here.

I’m into all things pagan/occult, especially the darker side of things. I identify as a Luciferian, I’m also curious about Goetia, all forms of Satanism, Chaos Magic, and other occult practices. Tarot, astrology, and divination are my jam. I use the occult tarot featuring goetia the most but I often use the Santa Muerte deck from time to time. I’m particularly fond of the goetia spirits as per my username mentioning Bael in a humorous way. (you can find the reference to a ba’al pit in a simpsons episode)

I’m a 27-year-old American guy who moved to England a few years back for a change of scenery among other reasons. It’s been quite the journey, both personally and magically.

Can’t share any pics right now, but I’m here to chat and learn together. Let’s explore the shadows and see what we find.

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Welcome @Baalpit

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When I was young I hated bastards like you - people who lived in England/UK. All the sacred woods for Wand and Sword/Dagger handle creation came from the UK and I lived in Australia. There wasn’t much about Eucalyptus wood in the grimoires, ditto Wattle. Plus, people like you have all the historic (energy filled) places. But as I grew up and learnt more I don’t hate UK/European people (that much) anymore.
With all that off of my chest: Welcome. And don’t read or apply my posts. Just saying!
Have a great and productive time here.


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I’ve never considered getting a wand or dagger with a sacred wood handle, I’m definitely considering it now. Nice to meet you. Australia has always been on my list of places to visit. I like them more than the British based on what I see from television programs.

You are deluded? Australia? Television programmes (British spelling)?
Anyway, welcome again you Yank living in the Land of Hope & Glory (or Soap & Water).

Seriously, after The Boston Tea Party you Americans started drinking heaps of coffee; but there’s also tea and it provides a different ‘high’, so to speak. So if you haven’t already, harken to your Old Uncle Al, get yourself an inexpensive teapot, some loose leaf teas, perhaps a tea strainer and go for it. I’m an addict posting from experience who uses just Barista Oat Milk with my brews, as sweeteners kill the true tastes.

And again, all the best and welcome. The Magickal path is long - the left-hand path both alienating and more dangerous (but quicker). Even drinking lots of pot brewed tea can’t ameliorate these aspects.


Welcome @lakoleflowers1992 | Nicole. Nice to see someone interested in the psalms! :smiley:

Call me Nicole, I live in southern United States and in my 30s an occultic practicing ceremonial and goetic magick. I am well versed mostly in astrology as well. I did a little bit of hoodoo and used psalms magick which is effective but not enough experience with it. I think psalms would give me better results.

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Welcome aboard :smiley:

Hello, I am a curious cucumber from Germany and honestly just need help with a dream interpretation.
I am 24
I don’t actively practice occultism, I meditate and do yoga for my spiritual balance but I’m not completely uninterested
I’ve had mental health issues for a long time and have been compensating a lot with weed and have had very few dreams as a result.
I stopped completely 2 weeks ago and have been dreaming again since then.
I had a lucid dream a few days ago that still haunts me today.
To cut a long story short, I was loosed into catacombs under my hometown by a couple of entities posing as a couple of twins I had a crush on in my past.
There I encountered two other beings.
These were lying in open wooden boxes, a white woman with white hair and an androgynous looking black man, both young and beautiful.
They were in a double room in which half the ceiling had collapsed, connecting the rooms.
They were stacked on top of each other, so the moment I jumped down to see if they were still alive, they woke up and the Lady shouted at me that I was cursed.
After that, I woke myself up, a skill I once taught myself because I got stuck in nightmares too often.
I have been haunted a couple of times in my past, so I am open to the concept.
That’s also one of the reasons why I started with weed.
I have the unpleasant feeling of having been used to awaken them.


Welcome @curiouscucumber !

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Yeah, it’s great isn’t it? I also try to keep myself centred with nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. Anyway, welcome and I hope you both enjoy your time and find what you’re looking for here.

All the very best, as the path is long!