New Members Please Introduce yourselves here!

If you wouldn’t mind sending me a pm with the name of the other account and I can get it turned off for you.

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I believe it was the same name that I am using now, I don’t think its too much to worry about as Norse deleted my other account.

Hello Ladies and gents in the house. My official name remains as, Nephat Nderi, from the land of Africa, Kenya.
I am 30yrs old and very humble I am indeed.
I feel very lucky to have myself on this platform as I stumbled on this amazing occult forum when I least expected it and in fact the existence of such a website had barely dawned on me. I’m as elated as I am excited. I really thirsted for such a reality as hunger for occult knowledge has always haunted me.
I’ve explored The Occult Mirror before typing this and it has proven


Welcome! @Neph , I hope you enjoy it here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome, @Neph

Enjoy our corner of the internet!


Welcome. I mean that.
And stop being humble! You’re a developing deity!
Also, if I may proffer some advice - don’t read or apply my stuff., because it doesn’t work. Just saying. And welcome again. We’re happy to have you.


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You’re not referring to that other forum which dare not speak its name, are you?
I was banned, but still occasionally get referred to as ‘a former member’. When I joined that other, nameless forum I was accused of being a paedophile! It’s certainly out-of-the-box as a welcoming technique.

I was having a great afternoon until I read your post and you reminded me of “another forum”. Now I’m profusely weeping my sorry heart out.



Well my good sir! I never meant to hurt you and I sincerely apologise.

It might be the nameless forum I was referring to or might not be, its a forum I wish to never return to anyways. Indeed that’s quite a welcoming technique.


hello im here for sending some very interesting things about next years that ive god from legit sources.


Hello and welcome, @barbara73

Roughly what’s your age and where do you hail from? What sort of magick are you interested in?

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