[SOCIAL] Happy anniversary, TOMers!

One year ago, after a week of frantic work, we opened the doors for people to enter.

It has been a ride. And mostly, a nice one (with some lows here and there). The atmosphere here is quite chill and we have made what we set out to do: a place to research and develop magick where your content is always YOURS (and I get to make all the dick jokes I want).

So, all in all, beautiful people, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

And for those who really didn’t want to see us succeed, well, fuck you :slight_smile:


Happy Anniversary everyone :partying_face: I’m very happy to be here :purple_heart:


I was so happy when I found this place!!

I hope we are here for a long long time!!

:tada: :birthday: :balloon:


Congratulations @ReyCuervo this project was a real leap of faith for the 4 of you. You’ll had a great idea, it was ballsy and ambitious! The start had some rocky moments but the forum has grown steadily month after month due to fair moderation and good policies, good management and excellent content. This is great a forum and it will only get better with time!

I salute y’all for putting this together and creating a place for this unique community to thrive. @ReyCuervo @norse900 @Veil @Nephenthe

Hahaha Well said!

The other side wished this venture nothing but failure, and malicious ill will. They probably laughed and said things like “they don’t have what it takes, experience, funding, vision…”.

Well man… That’s right FUCK THEM!

Much love to the Occult Mirror Forum!


Big ups! Gratitude and Respect!


With a rusty tyre iron.


I’m so glad this place was created. I’ve felt nothing but peace and positivity since joining. It’s so nice to see people come together to voice opinions and points of view, even if they don’t agree at times, and to have a place that isn’t moderated with heavy hands and egos. I learned more here than anywhere else. I am also glad to see familiar faces from the one place.

I appreciate @ReyCuervo @Veil @Nephenthe and @norse900 recognizing a need for a space like this and going all out to make it happen. I feel safe here.

Thanks to you all for making this happen. I respect all you guys. Here’s to many more years :clinking_glasses::champagne:

:joy: Ha! I’m cackling like the wicked witch of the west!!!


Thanks, @all. It just doesn’t seem like it’s been a year.