Testing group | January 2023

Hey all

As you know, I very much like making my own magick, so here I am with new things to try.

Some you have tested, with good results I must say, some of my stuff in the past.

This time I bring something that any idiot can do. So


  • You have the time to try this thing. Is just a few minutes a day.
  • You have the time to notify us when you have tried and once it has manifested.
  • You’re okay with small offerings (coins, short denomination bills, cigarettes, stuff like that)
  • You’ve been an active member of this forum for +45 days.

Experience is always a plus for everything, but it isn’t necessary here.

This will be a small group, I think. Four-six people, but I may change my mind.


Sounds interesting…

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I was in another group that you did back awhile ago. So I’m up for doing this one,if thats cool with you

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Welcome both of you :smiley: Is a pleasure to have you on board.

This will remain open for about 24 hours, we should be starting on Monday.


Have I been active for 45 days? I have no sense of time :joy::rofl:


Err, I was supposed to go on a week-long “adventure” with work this coming Monday (9th) that was rescheduled b/c I was sick. This may/(will) get thrust upon me again. It will put me behind a week. I don’t know when the reschedule is.

Can I do whatever the tasks are with that sort of delay?

If so, hell, I’m game.

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What are we testing this time brother? :eyes:


I’m interested :eyes:

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A new something I made :smiley: (details later)


So, we are all in?

I can take one more person if anyone else wants in, but we will start the conversation later tonight and the testing tomorrow

I’m exactly on day 45 since joining…
@ReyCuervo can I join the group?

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@Jk999 you’re quite active here, so yes, you can join us, welcome :smiley:

This thread will now remain closed until we have something to report to the community at large.

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Two weeks later, we have things to say…


And I have ears to hear… those things you say.


How did I miss this?? Dammit I’m late to the party :laughing:



I’ve had a really bad chesty cough for over a month now. Not sure where it came from but couldn’t kick it. Kept having cough fits every day. But a day after doing the incantation it is totally gone.
And for added bonus, a complete dickhead who I asked for Baba Yaga to send my infection over to him) is now suffering from a painful abcess tooth infection that he woke up with. Initial offerings were given as well as a second offering when results happened


I intially asked for a minimum of £20. This morning I logged into my email a few days later and seen that I won £30 on the lottery that I bought a ticket for after doing incantation. I never win on those things, not even on scratch off’s. Was on a whim that I bought it that day. Initial offerings were given as well as a second offering when results happened

Had a result with the manipulation request.
I’m in middle of getting a degree. I submitted a paper to be graded and the lecturer is a notoriously harsh grader who has marked me low on previous papers. So, I asked Baba Yaga to have the lecturer give me a grade of atleast 70% (which is considered an A/B grade here in England). …Results came back today… I got a 70%.
Initial offerings were given as well as a second offering when results happened


If I can’t see what I asked for, then no, I don’t have as much to say. Money never came. Targets are still around


The target lost a lot of money so a success.

My boss is helping me and treating me well, better than expected, a success as well.

I’m getting better sleep after sleeping terribly for a long time = success