My thoughts and experiences

It’s been many years since my experiences in the occult had begun, only in the last few years is my being lit with wanting to know, find out even what lies beyond the energetic maze that is me/life or even reality itself.

I recall an experience when I was younger, I sat on my bed looking up at the ceiling or rather the corner of the wall.

What I saw was different colours fading in and out of itself and for what seemed to be hours I then felt a presence to where I was sitting. Looking in front of me, an white shining being suddenly manifested and as soon as I tried to take in it’s features, it just vanished.

Still to this day I don’t know who was that being… but I was thankful as it solidified my belief in the supernatural. Since then, I have received channellings from various beings and when this first began I was told to trust myself but me being me, I used tarot and pendulum divination to clarified the channelled info.

Here is something I am being pushed to share right now; it might not make much sense but I am told it will to the correct person it is intended.

“I have seen the orifice of creation that has eaten away at the chains of my heart. For the blue raven caws thrice thus I know my path to be near fruition tho I will cry for more.”

I’m not sure what any of this means but if it means something to any of you, then I hope it helps the path of many paths.