[Journal] From a bird's eye view


Where we stand at:

This is a general practice journal.

For a year, I’ve been working in healing under Apollo’s guidance. He is not my patron, I don’t have one, just a buddy with a tendency to troll people, demons, angels and other gods.

Nevertheless, Apollo’s teachings have come in handy for non-healing purposes quite recently. And that’s not all. My constant practice of visionary magick had effects all around. Several months ago I discovered my intuition got a thousand times better.

When I started, I couldn’t even do a reading that made sense. So divination wasn’t the focus of my practice. I really didn’t have a reason to believe I was any good at it. But a friend asking for readings often regarding things related to the near future, and her feedback, proved the contrary: I became good at it. Somehow. Accuracy has been proved over and over again. My ever skeptic mind, of course, wouldn’t have let me accept that without a fight.

So I decided to go for a method. I would ask people to give me answers about their past. Something I couldn’t possibly know anything about. But they would know and would be able to give me immediate feedback.

My readings didn’t lack accuracy in that regard, either. It baffled me, but didn’t shut the skeptic in me. And that’s a good thing, since it keeps pushing me.

I’ve done some notorious experiments with the so called Angels of Omnipotence (you’ll find them here under the name of the interface). That’s… harder to believe. But it is coming to The Occult Mirror soon. So, really, you don’t have to believe me.

So, is time to tip my winged helmet and go on. This is the next adventure. Welcome.


I find it useful to take full credit for my successes. That programs your subconscious for future success. The skeptic will eventually shut up.


That’s… something I’m actually going to put into practice right now. Thanks a lot, my man.


Magick & Ethics

What a weird thing to write… #1. Anyway, it is.

There are things I do not do. Those of you who know me well do understand. For the rest, well, I’m into some very hardcore shit, sexually. So other than meeting someone new, contacting someone or a binding to keep my personal stuff secret, I do not do any love/sex magick for myself. Trust me, nobody wants that.

And here I am, not even at a crossroads. More like a garden of fucking forking paths. My crush is… unavailable lately. Last time we spoke, a few days ago, she told me she was in a “bad place” (closest possible translation to the rioplatense idiom she used). I want to help. I want to make myself useful for her. This is just basic, I think, in any relationship with a bit of maturity. After all, relationships, all sort of relationships, are about what one can bring to the table. Well, I’m very bald, I have a braided beard, I write a lot and I can do magick. Yeah, that’s me.

Then again, I don’t want to be invasive. I don’t want to knock a door where I wasn’t invited. I have no ill intentions, courtesy of @Veil I’m considering an unblocking (where are you, Ganesha? I may need you). But… I can do more. I could do more. If she only would tell me. And why I don’t ask? Because I did and she told that she didn’t want to speak about it “now”.

Well, fuck me. I think I’ll just transiting this garden of forking paths until I found a solution… or until I find The Blind Man and beat him to a bloody pulp. He may have been better than me, so far, but… okay, no, it would be just to feel better :upside_down_face:


Did you not look at the servitors I shared for the forum specifically my dude…

I shared one empowered by him given to me, for us five specifically.


That’s cool, Ket, but good ol’ Elephant head and I are already acquainted :slight_smile:


Yeah yeah I know so am I. But when given a personal minion that won’t tell me no or require extra bartering, who am I to deny that it might pan out better than direct with an entity that may or may not agree. :woman_shrugging:

It’s all good, I just thought it was ironic you needed something already provided. :rofl::rofl:


Read in context, woman! :rofl: :rofl:

Trying to do something nice for someone, have to do it all myself :slight_smile:


Have to or big stubborn king crow pants decided he has to. :eyes:I’m just teasing man! :face_with_spiral_eyes::rofl::rofl:


Aren’t those one and the same thing? :upside_down_face:


Weird days and nice support

Several weird things happened during the last couple of days. I may write about it at a later date.

Yesterday I was extenuated. Too much magick, too little time, the need to keep a promise I made to a friend, people needing me for one thing or the other, the day job, this forum, mundane things, keeping another different promise I did to a different person.

Usually I can keep up. Is just another day in paradise.

But last night things got a little not-so-nice. I may be a bit paranoid, I know there is people out there who may want to see me burn. Funny thing, I didn’t do anything to them, personally. But I’ve my guard up. Only an idiot wouldn’t. For reasons I won’t explain here, but first line of mystic defenses was tested not too long ago. Worked as intended. Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless, I got sleepy out of nowhere. That was insanely weird since it had no reason to be. As I said, being a bit paranoid I decided to be safe and not sorry. I called upon Hecate. Now, the are is okay, I keep my spiritual hygiene better than my personal hygiene (you decide if I’m well prepared or just a pig). My defenses didn’t go notify me of anything. Everything was clean. Last banishment had been a few hours earlier. There was no reason to believe something was out of place.

Hecate basically pulled a little shadowy creature from inside me. Now, I was expecting her to crush it. Instead, the creature went to her shoulder.

She energized me and didn’t comment further. I wanted an explanation on what the heck was going on.

Yeah, as it happens I didn’t need to be paranoid, danger has passed. And if it hasn’t… everything is going well. Acknowledged.

I thanked her and finished. I remained sleepy for a few minutes, but passed quite fast. And then had an insane time trying to fall asleep, a little bit later.

You can’t have it all, I guess.



Too tired to spread my wings

I’m sorry, I’ve not been very active here in the last couple of days.

Nothing in my life seems to be able to work without me micromanaging things that should work on their own by now. I have been having some issues sleeping and last night I had quite sad dreams. Is funny because I usually don’t remember my dreams all that much, but hey, my brain is a buddy so if it is bad, he’ll sure let me know.

Even my own neurons troll me when they can :upside_down_face:

I feel I spend most of my life waiting. And things come. But when they do is just another step in a long, long stair. And so, I have to wait. Yet again. The ride since I started to practice magick to this day has giving me a lot. My whole life is different. Yet… I spent most of my time waiting. And only half of the time is waiting for magick to manifest. Rest of it is bureaucracy, or other people completing their parts (mostly for my day job), or hired people who doesn’t really appreciate their clients all that much and take whatever time they want in completing tasks they’re being paid for.

Oh, and tomorrow I’m starting a diet and new workout routine. And somehow I have to have the energy for even more. Because of course I’m going to speed up instead of taking a break. Fuck breaks. What’s a little crashing among friends, after all?

Oh, and I’ve practiced some magick and all of that.



The Scorpion Gods

For years, I heard about them from a total of one source, a source who said the same: anyone can talk to the Scorpion Gods. Yeah, how, buddy?

There is no possible preparatory immersion. There is nothing about “Scorpion gods”. Nowhere. Closest things are one Egyptian god (singular, not plural) and another in the Aztec pantheon. Again, singular. I was looking for a group.

But the day came. I got tired of not being able to give it a shot, so I just told Hermes “You know everybody, can you take me with them?”

And he said yes. We met them in some chamber. They were… many. Not sure how many. One, the bigger, spoke scorpion, leader, whatever, came forward. “Speak”, he said. With authority. And quite pissed. I introduced myself. Quite soon I felt pressure in my forehead. He was doing something to me. Hermes step in front of me and the pressure stopped. From there, we were able to speak.

The Scorpion Gods have gifts to give to those who seek them, reach them and are willing to pay for it. What’s the price? Well, hell if I know. I’m not into giving spirits whatever they want from me. So I negotiated. I gave them, yes, the promise of something. And I’ll hold my end of the bargain. I’m as good as my word.

But I got my gift. Another interesting trick for my arsenal. I decided to try it right away. It was… easy. As if I had always knew this. The big Scorpion God guided me step by step, but really, it was so damn easy that it is hard to believe. A small shard of their essence is now in me. Just a bit, but enough to make able to use this gift(s).

I thanked them, thanked Hermes and came back.

I got everything I need from them to keep my word. Tomorrow I’ll write a full tutorial on how to meet them. And, more importantly, what they can give you.

ETA: I did write the tutorial and it is already available HERE.


Very interesting! I look forward to the tutorial. Do you have the names of each of these gods?


Nope, and I don’t think they’re into giving their identities. This is one of the most obscure things I’ve met, ever. I’m not entirely sure where they come from. Well, take out “entirely” and “sure”. I know little more now than I did before. But I do now how to reach them and what are their offices. I think it is going to be an interesting ride for anyone who decides to meet them.


Is it fine if I PM you to talk more about them?


Yes, no worries




This is a cool and interesting demon. But I didn’t call upon him to work with him in any of my personal goals. It was an official meeting, caduceus in hand, winged helmet on, to discuss politics.

What I thought was fair. What he thought was fair. Hermes let me do all the job, except for a total of one intervention that could be summarized as “don’t be stupid”.

We talked and reached an agreement that, I must say, was satisfactory for both parts. I did make a mistake, yes, and Hermes notified me, but he gave me a thumbs up for everything else.

All in all, I would recommend Forcalor as a spirit to work with if you are seeking to obtain something related to his offices. He was civil, polite and, when I noticed someone trying to spy on us, he was quick to agreed that couldn’t be, since it was a private, official meeting.

Also, Hermes told me I’ll have to speak with Zeus about some other things, related to our community.


For interest, as I was reading this when I then read your post here, here is a fragment from Orpheus that is given by Eusebius, Proclus, and Aristotle in their works:

“Zeus is the first. Zeus the thunderer, is the last.
Zeus is the head. Zeus is the middle, and by Zeus all things were fabricated.
Zeus is male, Immortal Zeus is female.
Zeus is the foundation of the earth and of the starry heaven.
Zeus is the breath of all things. Zeus is the rushing of indefatigable fire.
Zeus is the root of the sea: He is the Sun and Moon.
Zeus is the king; He is the author of universal life;
One Power, one Dæmon, the mighty prince of all things:
One kingly frame, in which this universe revolves,
Fire and water, earth and ether, night and day,
And Metis (Counsel) the primeval father, and all-delightful Eros (Love).
All these things are United in the vast body of Zeus.
Would you behold his head and his fair face,
It is the resplendent heaven, round which his golden locks
Of glittering stars are beautifully exalted in the air.
On each side are the two golden taurine horns,
The risings and settings, the tracks of the celestial gods;
His eyes the sun and the Opposing moon;
His unfallacious Mind the royal incorruptible Ether.”

(I.P Cory, Ancient Fragments, Orphic Fragments)


By Jove! I love Zeus!



What’s going on

I’m lacking time to write here. All in all, I’m doing lots and lots of magick, got several new decks, I’m getting into the I-Ching as a form of divination, some person that had consulted me for a gig a long time ago resurfaced and booked me for a layered job that I had to start ASAP and so on.

Nice, unexpected and interesting things are happening. Like Hermes pairing me with someone else for a quest. I don’t even know what the quest is, but I think I’ll need another journal just for that. And I need to get into writing about the Forgotten Gods. And I’ve to deal with the Scorpion gods.

I’m still doing research in quite some powerful things. My recent workings with angels had been insightful. I got to see a bit of legion from Heaven at work. Is delightful.

In other order of things, I got into an expected alliance by virtue of doing nothing and it has been nice to coordinate with others for once. Then again, that’s not me. I belong to not lodge, no order, no group. I’m a lone crow. I have many friends, but I only practice alone.

Finally, there is still people that want to see me suffer, for reasons that only make any sense in their own imaginations. I could write a bit about that, but someone else said it way better than I would:



So… Zepar? I see. Well, this looks like a job for troll-bro and the writer.