My qliphoth initiation

Posted this for anyone whos curious about qliphoth or thinking about doing it

My qliphoth journey lasted approx 16 weeks. It was interesting to say the least. When I first started I had amazing dream recall, would write an A4 size paper just of my dream details but as I progressed further into the spheres my dream recalls went to nothing and felt like it was instead putting me in real life situations where I needed improvement in. For example, in the beginning a lot of my dreams were about me standing up for myself and not allow people to mistreat me or talk down to me. And towards the end of my qliphoth journey I was put in real life situations where I had to do the same.

My qliphoth journey was not in anyway smooth sailing. If i did anything my shadow self or the spirits didn’t agree with, they will tear me a new ass.
Case in point. I realized I was too stressed in life and needed to chill out more, I haven’t smoked pot since I was in my early 20s. So I decided to smoke it my first night of qliphoth. They were not happy and without going into too much detail, I had a horrible night with my shadow self and the qliphoth demons. What I learned was my shadow does not want me to go down the path of drugs as I once did when I was younger.

In the magick sense, my intuitions and senses became stronger.

As my qliphoth journey was coming to an end, I noticed that I was no longer that insecure girl who would bring her chair to an already crowded table, squeezing in and trying to justify why I should be sitting there with them and wanting to be liked by everyone… and instead became that woman who happily sat at an empty table by herself, head held high,giving the finger to anyone who made me feel not worthy. And also not giving a frick what others think and stopped seeking to be liked by others.

My advice for anyone starting of thinking of starting qliphoth. You will hear a lot of peoples experiences with this. But everyones journey is different. No one qliphoth initiation is the same. Respect the rules of the spheres and don’t go in conceited because it will knock you on your ass if you do. Also don’t rush through the spheres like its a race.

I would like to thank Azazel for pointing me in the direction of doing the qlipphoth journey. And I also thank the 10 sphere rulers and tunnel rulers for guiding me and teaching me what you felt I need to be taught. And also a big thank you to my shadow self. You know me better than I know myself and rightly kick my ass when its needed


@LadyFerluci this was an excellent post! Your experience is very consistent with what I’ve seen too. I salute you for how determined and resilient you were to complete this. Rock and roll!

Readers: @LadyFerluci really broke this down well, re read and absorb this because it’s relevant and authentic experience.



Amazing, congratulations! :clap::dancer:


Thank you both. It was a long journey that had its struggles, but it was worth it. Will definitely do it again at some point in the future when I feel its necessary


@LadyFerluci I get you, Ive made a surprise decision in the last days too. I have some issues with my shadow and I need more work on integration. So Im going back in for round two…
Lol welcome back to hell…


Congrats on the completion, Lady Ferluci. As an aside, I facepalmed when I finally got your name…


I do like my anagrams :rofl:. You’re one of the first people to pick up on it haha


I see it now too, can’t believe I missed it :sob:🤦‍♀