My pact with Bune

I recently made a pact with Bune. I don’t do a lot of pacts but I felt this was necessary.

I needed to push myself to another level and I knew Bune could help.

I had worked with her lot lately and she had become a preferred lover. She was like something new and exciting where everything else had become somewhat stagnant. But I knew I needed nothing to be stagnant, I needed to get things moving and flowing. I knew she could help.

I decided to write up the pact. State clearly what her part would be and what my part would be. I was asking for a rather big thing from her so I knew I have to offer something big. I knew just what to offer. Something is discovered and realized I could it. And it would be something she would want.

So, I made the deal. Sealed it with my own blood. I didn’t have any wine to offer her but I did have champagne. I poured some into my chalice and left it on my alter for her. Burned the paper I wrote the pact on the next day. Letting our deal be done. It was agreed on.

The next day she directed me to go outside and at sprinkle the champagne :champagne: from my chalice at the four corners of my property.

This was about two weeks ago and since then I have felt a big change in things. I know good things are ahead.

I don’t think my scrying with Clauneck today told me anything I didn’t already know. But he did reassure me and confirm things.

Bune is lovely and great to work with. She feels you. Learns what you like and takes you to that place. I’m glad I chose to do this working.

If you need to reach out to Bune she is wonderful with financial issues but also much more.
I will hold end. I know it’s something she desires and I want something she can give.


Hail Bune!!


I highly recommend her for ancestor work. She came to my room in the form of a body of light with one of her legion when I was still an absolute newbie. I did not need to prove myself to Bune, or command her. She has entered my dreams with said legion member and connected me directly with multiple ancestors and ancestral guides. She is a truly beautiful and amazing spirit and I hold her in extremely high regard. She has a wonderful reputation for a reason!!