*Money Magick*

New diary!

This one is strictly for my adventures in all kinds of money magick.
I’ll be using this one to document and keep track of money workings and to write down my successes (if any), for when I’m in a slump again and am like ‘omg nothing works’
I’d like to try new methods, work with different grimoires (some will be PDF - sorry!)
I have no doubt this will turn into a rant journal :smiley: don’t they all? Still, I look forward to layering my money workings (or just doing all kinds of rituals, for the same result, a bit more moolah, lucky finds on the street, whatever I can get!)

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Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you! I have had successes with this before, and I’m excited to try cool new things! :green_heart:


Money magick is one of the most popular goals, cause we all need money to not die, right? That’s why it’s so hard not to ‘lust for results’.

So today I’d like to talk a little about an old classic (Amazing Secrets of New Avatar Power)
Everyone heard of NAP, right? that book has its own fan club on studioarcanis and I own a copy cheer it absolutely works (money wise!)
Anyway, Cobb wrote a sequel that isn’t often talked about. If you don’t take this book too seriously, it’s a pretty good read. He has another one, where we make and color a paper pyramid. It’s a scream!
I love these little ‘testimonials’ of readers. Some of them are literally like: John R. was on skid row, sold his last sticks of furniture, about to kill himself and then found a pamphlet! the miracle of new avatar power! giggle
I do believe extreme desperation is a powerful force. And maybe it worked particularly fast for some people. But these are meant to be taken with a grain of salt.
but who knows, it may be powerful. I have never had the fortitude of mind to do it every single day.
So how to work ‘the amazing secrets of New Avatar power’:

  1. Read the entire book, cover to cover, every single word. I haven’t done that yet - but I’m gonna. I do have ADD, but I can get through books.
  2. Avoid 'NT words! (can’t, won’t,…) - as ridiculous as it sounds, not shooting yourself in the foot by doubting constantly does make sense.
  3. confidential corporeal commands and personal verbal seals. - will elaborate, once I know what the hell that is.
  4. there’s like 4 doors, and secrets…

More to come when I finish reading the book :slight_smile:


Today’s Workings

1. NAP - Point A + invocation for money
2. Lucifer and the Hidden Demons - Diopes (I asked for a couple hundred, just to spend on myself. How I get it? I leave it to the demon)

I’m half asleep so I’m calling it quits for today, I got about halfway through Amazing Secrets of NAP.


Today’s workings

1. Lucifer and the Hidden Demons - Maggid (Asked for a sum of money - not specified)
getting good at visualizing. Have yet to see/hear a demon. But, focus on the result, not the lack.
Often the first magickal working of the day is kind of the hardest one. What harm can it do, it can only improve things or worst case scenario, do nothing. it’s just the inertia

2. The Necronomicon Spell book: 50 names of Marduk - Ziku
Okay I have not yet completed this ritual, will edit when I have done so, but the text asks to do it at 3 AM. Not a ton of information about this one. Some people swear by it and received more money. It’s worth a try. Probably won’t repeat this particular ritual. I’ll start by copying the sigil, it’s not a hard one.

3. NAP - Point A + invocation for money (NAP only gets rolling with repetition and would be better with the prelims - will do those. only have trouble with the breathing exercises cause breathing out hard and such makes me feel a bit woozy.)


Small update:
I have money for food! (no, not from the spirits.) But I can eat, and it takes some of the urgency away from my further rituals for money.
As a real teenager, the first thing I bought was energy drinks and candy grin
I have not done the necronomicon ritual yet, I had fallen asleep before 3 AM. I might, but I don’t know, something tells me to hold off on that one, since it’s not an emergency anymore.


Naamah is the most material spiritual entity with whom I’ve worked. Sure, She’s great for dirty sex, but I’ve found Naamah is also great for materialising money.
I think Her evocation is somewhere on these boards.



thanks for replying (and the advice), UncleAl!
In our quest for money, we can try different entities. I saw the name Naamah pass by a few times on BALG, mostly people looking for a succubus…
(I’m a young girl, and not interested in the other…qualities besides money - I love one man!)
But it can’t hurt? After all, I am not entirely certain Naamah really exists or works for me. If I do a ritual and don’t really care all that much, the lust for results is less.

Anyway, so I had a bit of a hiatus, was dealing with some real life stuff, nothing really too bad actually.
So after a short hiatus, the quest continues :slight_smile:
I’ve kept up with my NAP workings (I woke up actually feeling like performing the ritual).
And a lot of people call on Clauneck, and report great results. I found the sigil online easily enough, it reminds me a tiny bit of an earthworm (and I like worms!)
so with no formal idea of how to call on him, i’ll draw his sigil, try to focus on it, write a petition to him.

To be continued :blue_heart:

no results as of yet. I did find 20 cts yesterday on the street, so that’s something :slight_smile:


Here’s a link to Naamah’s evocation, plus notes:

Hope this helps. Naamah is the most material entity with whom I’ve worked, and just so enticingly lovely.



Hi there! I want to say, the concept of lust for results is only really a thing among some groups of modern occultists. Outside, it’s not really an idea among occultists.

I don’t pay mind at all to the idea of lust for results in my practice, personally, and my magic certainly isn’t worse than from when I did take it into consideration.

Of course, if you’re following a specifc book, its usually best to follow instructions until you’ve got a good grip of the techniques.

But, I thought to add this here for when you’ve got more experience and branch out in the future!

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