Testing out Money, Wealth, Abundance magick?

I’m newer to this particular category of our craft. I’m looking for a couple people (1-4) to see if we can figure out some measurable/ quantifiable results.

Who can play? (1) You have to be an active member of the forum. I love being on this forum and I want to engage with people who engage with the forum in meaningful ways. (2) You have to do magick, no cosplay edge lords or academic-only lurkers. Our baselines are different and I’m not interested in that for these purposes. (3) I can’t have you muted/blocked because I have to be able to see your post.

I’m not promising results, I am promising to give this my best though. I’ve had gains in my personal life/sphere off these methods and I’m curious to see about replicating, or whatever the better word there might be.

If you’re interested, drop your name! I’ll give you a like and a PM when I get the chance. Please make sure you’ve read the below list BEFORE posting to request participating and you’re a fit.

If you’re uncomfortable giving me a number (money-wise) of ‘reasonable-ish increase’ in unaccounted for (anything over a certain number that you account for in any given typical 2-4 week period) income/earnings over a period of 2-4 weeks, then don’t post.

The parameters are this:

  • Ritual is to be conducted on a Saturday in my time zone

  • I will either hold one ritual for all interested participants or two rituals on two Saturdays where participants are split up

  • You don’t get a say in the ritual(s)

  • I’m not sharing the rituals (maybe I’ll share a picture, but I’m not typically into giving details)

  • You have to have at least one reliable stream of income as of current that you will continue to have and rely on in the next month

  • This is not to get you a new job or win you a court case, or anything like that

  • You need to know what a reasonable request (increase) in income looks like for you over a period of 2-4 weeks

  • You need to know what your accounted for income is for any given period of 2-4 weeks and the line where any increase begins

  • You need to check in with me after the set time period (we’ll discuss in PM) and let me know if you saw an increase and how much it was


I think I qualify. Count me in…


Count me in! :metal:t4:




Sending out PMs soon :slight_smile:

@Jk999 @Kish @CosmicTofu


@Jk999 @Kish @CosmicTofu

Ritual completed Saturday, September 28.