A ritual for blessings, brings, money, success and abundance

:point_up_2: This is a powerful spell in a cup.

Here are the directions

On a new moon day
Take a clear glass and fill it 3/4 with sea salt.
Take a piece of Ginger root and break off a piece
Place the ginger root stuck down and in the sea salt.
Place in direct sunlight for 2 hours
Then place it somewhere in your temple or on your altar eastward oriented.
Make a firm wish that you have many financial blessings, and prosperity for the lunar month.

*Don’t pay attention to the orange piece in my cup. That is a Chinese Wu-Lu charm. It’s function is to bring long life, good health and prosperity. It also absorbs low life neg energy entitis.
This is not necessary for the original version of this spell / ritual.

I wish you all excellent fortune.


Why east? For Air (circulation / celerity) ?

I’ve been wondering about mixing western and eastern magicks. In Feng Shui, wealth items go in the southeast. I have no idea beyond that, in terms of East Asian sorcery. Do you have any insight?


I don’t actually understand what system of correspondences the original source of this was using, I routinely add Feng shui to my practice.

Think of it like this. We western magicians and witches focus on making changes to the external World around us in order to cause change internally. Like feelings of prosperity, security, dignity, success, love, etc etc.

The eastern systems Feng shui in particular seems to be about making environmental changes to create they changes they wish to see happen.

So it’s like were standing 10 feet apart and both looking at a coffee mug on a table. You and I both see the same mug but both of us see different parts of it.

That’s how I reconcile the two philosophies in theory and practice.

Sorry I’m rambling and that’s not what you asked. You asked why eastward bearing. I suspect the answer is tied into the energy of newness, particularly the new fresh start of the lunar month and being exposed to the East, the direction thst brings nee light by Dawn each morning.

That’s my best guess without having a concrete answer for you.

I’ve been using this method 6 months now and I cam report subtle but progressively larger and stronger results from repeated use of this.

My business is prospering and for the most part by and large things are going pretty well.


Thank you MB :slight_smile:

I don’t often see you post about the more “Eastern” parts of your practice. I hope you feel up to sharing more in the future!


I’d be happy to share more about it, I honestly didn’t think anyone was interested or cared though. Now that I know someone is interested I’d be happy to open up about it. :heart:


I am very interested. Daoist sorcery and Tibetan magick are fascinating, and I don’t know the first thing about South East Asian magick. I would love to learn.

Would you have anything to add / comment on regarding this post?

I am pulling from texts. I don’t have actual training or immersion.


I’m afraid my knowledge of eastern practice is limited to flying stars Feng shui to be honest. I was trained by the Filipino Chinese in thst art. This was after my possession and transference of gnosis from Azazel. Fascinating stuff.


Very cool!!


Tried this out for the Thursday New Moon in Sagittarius (Hour of Jupiter). Cheers MB!


Great, good stuff @Mythopoeia I’ve been using this 6 months now in conjunction with weekly djinn rites for prosperity and my business is booming. I think you’ll have a noticable end of month effect from this.


Ooo, very cool :sunglasses: :man_genie:

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