Magickal Lesson: Fucked In The Head!

Magickal Lesson: Fucked In The Head!

Back, one non-descript morning in 2006 I woke up to a realisation. I hadn’t been awake that long when the realisation occurred. When you have a realisation, you make something real. Johnny grew up and realised his childhood dream – he made his dream real. The reason you had a good swim at the beach is that you didn’t realise that a five metre Tiger shark came within about three metres of you on a few occasions, but because you didn’t realise this, the Tiger shark wasn’t real!

That stated, I had a realisation that I was fucked-in-the-head. At this time I was either forty-two or forty-three years of age and I’d had a few really bad mornings in my life, but this one was up there in the top (or bottom) two or three and I was deeply depressed and frankly, shattered.

I remembered This be the Verse, by Phillip Larken. Primarily, your parents are the ones responsible for fucking you up – but then there’s authority figures (religious, political, heroes and heroines), plus the main stream media, and when it comes to the High Priests and High Priestesses of mind fuck, you just have to bow down in mind-numbing awe to the MSM!

Finally, I realised that I ‘lived’ in a fucked-up society and because I wasn’t incarcerated in a metal or penal institute, I must be fucked up enough to exist in an obviously fucked up society. (You want to debate me that we don’t all ‘live’ in fucked-up societies?) And these realisations and understandings stopped me worrying about mental health issues whilst really freeing me up Magickally.