Important Lesson & Britney Spears

Magick will take over your life if you keep at it. Eventually you have no pedestrian life, it’s pretty much all Magick. When your perspective change, everything changes – including your entire life. Even when you’re not doing Magick, you really are! This happened to me imperceptibly because I was concentrating on other, pedestrian things.

I’m striving for Godhood – isolated, independent and if needs be, ‘Fuck You!’ I care about me, pretty much exclusively. Why should I care about John and Elsie Lunchbucket and their gormless kiddies? Seriously! The lhp is long, and I don’t wish to be diverted – I can’t afford to be.

My most important lesson remains: If your Magick isn’t fun, you’re not doing it right! (Take whatever time you need to truly get that into your thick head.) Took me more wasted years than I care to admit before I realised that. I recommend shortcuts, because these work and I’m lazy – then again, I had rhp training; so, I try hard to respect certain limits.

I remain engaging in internet based, black propaganda: unfortunately, with no results after fourteen years. Nonetheless, I’m still trying. So, take heart and when you’re feeling down, just remember that you’re not Britney Spears.



A Parable Directed at YOU, Dear Reader
By St. Old Uncle Al

Imagine, if you will, that you and I are in a conflict. The reasons don’t much matter. And imagine that every time we meet, I hit, slap and spit at you. And imagine that I’ve damaged your motor vehicle. And go on to imagine that during all my (fucked in the head) provocations you’ve warned that if I attack your residence, you’ll go ballistic.
Well, guess what I’m gunna do?

Ps. Are you as prepared as you can be, just in case?