Computers and magick

Right, so it’s 5am here in the Antipodes and I just had a random brain fart. Let me explain how I got there…

I love computers. I prefer them to people as computers only give you what you put in. If there’s an issue, it’s usually PEBCAC. I would rather stare at lives of code or an excel spreadsheet with multiple cups of coffee and my headphones in all day than deal with people at work ever again.

My other love, aside from the beautiful Mary Jane who keeps me sane (I have a prescription because of PTSD), is magick. Now I know I can fuse magick and Mary Jane together (I’ve found a couple spirits who enjoy the smell as much as tobacco and it’s helpful for me to shut out the noise in my brain before a ritual)… But what if I fused it with technology?

So my question is this; could I somehow infuse my computer code with magick? Like, say I had a target I intended to curse. Would I be able to write some sort of program or code or script and charge it to have both a magickal and mundane effect on the target?

Idk, but it is an interesting idea


Eh… I’m not really supposed to say much right now, but @bretbernhoft and I will have you some news the next week. Stay tunned!


@bretbernhoft you look oddly familiar. We’re you ever on the small social media platform, mewe? Or possibly g+ back in the day?

I’m excited… My idea was to build like a backdoor in some python code that the end user wouldn’t necessarily see and hide some magical script there.

The idea is fascinating to me. It’s been playing in my brain for over 12 hours

I was not on the small social media platform MeWe, but I was on G+ back in the day, before they shut it down.

I probably saw you there then as I was on here quite a bit before it turned into a cesspool of pornbots and trolls.

Perhaps in some of the threads there re religion? Was quite easy to rile up some of the hardcore Christian trolls there lol.

Used a pfp of Yolandi Visser off the album cover for “tension”. Still have it as my google profile pics because people see an angel eating a heart and leave me alone lol.

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Possibly also the “hit the random button” group


We should get married!
Wonderful post!
If you’re not already into tobacco, promise your Old Uncle Al you’ll get some (Toque) nasal snuff and become addicted.
And by the antipodes, are you referring to the Land of Oz?
You’ve brightened my day - and that takes some doing.


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My brother, I gave up tobacco in 2016 after smoking for 18 years. Was taking a toll on my health and wallet. Tobacco is ridiculously expensive here. The cigarettes I preferred to smoke (either Peter Stuyvesant or Marlboro Gold) are about $40AID a packet now. Even roller your own (which I enjoyed most) is crazily expensive now.

Yes I do. I’m in sunny old Melbourne; formerly the most liveable city on earth… Then everything became ridiculously expensive and it’s hard to fucking live here. I’m lucky my landlord is daddy government, rent alone is insane here. Forget buying; you need a minimum of about $600k. So I’ll keep my rent controlled apartment thank you so very much lol

Glad I could brighten your day… Time to have a few hits at my vape and have a nap.

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