Would you tell yourself anything you know now about magick if you could go back in time?

If you could go back in time and speak to your earlier self and tell yourself anything you’ve what would you say?

Would you warn them? Offer encouragement? Or just watch and cringe at your actions?

I ask because I was thinking about that dabbler I dealt with recently and wondered how she’d look back on how her magickal “career” had gone.


I’d say… there’s more to learn. Don’t stop, and continue seeking. It will free you.

for context, after my grandfather passed I was obsessed with ghosts and how to see them.


As I don’t believe in time I also believe that who I met in my first obe was another version of myself who came back to put me on this path. I am greatful to myself for this but regret not having done it earlier in my life.


When I was much younger I had a few experiences that scared me away,and as a result I stopped for a bit. So I would have told myself to not be scared, instead learn to embrace it , learn more and that everyones path is different


Yes, I would say: magick is real, you derp, go and learn how to do it.


Well, looking back, all of those things had a purpose for a different part of me that needed to happen to be ready for all of this. I don’t know that I would change anything, but wish I would’ve known that I should trust what I was experiencing and to let younger me know that those trials mattered.

Now the people that did all that can fuck right off. They don’t get a free pass because I made something useful of it. Those trials were also part of the reason I stifled myself.


This is a great post! And a hard question for me to answer.

If I could have gone back in time, I might have told myself that not all of reality is so subjective. But, if I didn’t have the views I had which so subtly contradicted my occult practice and experience, and disturbed me because of that, I don’t think discovering traditional electional astrology and the Hermetic/Platonist world-view would have had such an intense impact on me as it did. The pieces of the puzzle wouldn’t have come together as perfectly as it did.

With that, I don’t think I’d change anything.


Hard question, because its hard to be able to see all the consequences coming from such a change given by this action.
I think i would try to convince younger me to close myself to the current and then stay the hell away from any form of magic, and give myself the method to cut it in a safe and definitive way. In the long run i think it would be a way to have avoided a lot of close calls and negative impact on my life, and even if i don t regret my dive into occult i must stay honest, and if i am honest the benefit/risk balance is not great, some because of my practice and some because of my uncontrolled perception of such things. Hence why i would still need to cut it out to avoid shit still happening wether or not i meddle with it.


I’d tell myself to stop wasting time and get on with more serious study/practice


I would tell me to start practicing at much younger age

I would probably tell myself that fear is a calling too, as life is beyond the pretty little boxes we like to think it is. Also, be willing to experiment with pretty much everything.


Back in time to when? If I went back, I doubt myself-at-that-time could have understood, but I’d try.

Fucked up as it may seem, Magick works! Get that through your thick head, dickhead!

If your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it correctly! Very important!

Taro cards are representations of energy – so why aren’t you using these actively as talisman, fucktard?

Chanting: just do it! OK? I’m not arguing, I’m telling you.

Learn effective banishing and evoking/invoking and you’ve got Magick, done and dusted – almost. The first four letters of realised, are real.

To avoid ‘lust of result’ bitch-slap your own face.

Make your own set of Magickal weapons so that eventually you internalise these.

Get a Magickal Journal and learn to use it.

And learn how to delicately smoke tobacco slowly – like you’re making love.


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Nothing. Everything had it’s place. That said, I’ve been guided on my path from a young age and relied on those words and teachings deeply.


@Laurel_Spider and I were just talking about this the other day.


Use separate decks for divination and talisman.
Consider yourself warned, because if you use (charged) cards you’ve employed in active Magick, you can’t use these in divination, as they keep popping up all the time.
But again, what would I know?

I recommend those inexpensive, two-pieces of glass frames held together by metal clips. Just avoid plastic frames. Go for a natural picture frame to hold your Taro card talismans. Then again, I may be suffering hard learnt prejudice when it comes to synthetic materials.



@UncleAl I do readings for a major company that offers this service to the western speaking world as a side hustle from my normal work :mage: = :genie: :angel: :japanese_ogre: I won’t mention which though.

I go through a deck probably every 6 of 7 weeks.

I like to take those decommissioned decks that have been rode hard, well used, and loved occasionally and decommission them ritually and turn them into talismans. ( I actually got that idea from you originally)

I like the glass idea like a laminating case. I’ll message you with a twist I put on it. I’d put it out here but that punk ass vulture will just steal it and repack ( guess the game is to be sold not told…)

If I could go back in time I’d try to remember God have me two ears but only mouth for a reason. I could have learned a lot more sooner if I had listened to people that knew what they were doing and wouldn’t have had to reinvent the wheel over and over again.