Got Robbed by Educational institute

As u can read the Title I enrolled in an Institute like 2 days Ago I paid like 15k As a First Installment
And now i want My Money back Cos they Teach Like Shit And I Want my money Back Cos i want Enroll in another Institute ,If ur frm India U might Be familiar With CAT Exams…I was seeking Tuition for Cat…
So Any Entity which can help me get that Moni back Its urgent​:sob::sob:

Sometimes it is worth searching the Web to discover people’s experiences before spending money.

In this case there may be others that have had the same experience as yourself. What did they do to fix it?


Man I’ve been through that coaching insitution shit, I suggest Belial and King Paimon. Maybe a little chaos? Coaching and tutoring instituted as fucking stubborn. My friend left the “sky” insititute (ifykyk) halfway and never got her money back.


Yeah yesterday night i meditated on belials enn felt A presence in the room since i can’t see or hear em ,my heart starting racing like theres no tommo lol Is that good sign? Can i assume spirit came or i have to call him until jOb is done…


I’d take it as one.

I’d do the spell and forget about it tbh, let it take it’s course. You can add more to it if you don’t see results in some time.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: nice one

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:joy: it is what it is lol

Alrighty :muscle:

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Unless you’re trying to get back at the institute, general wealth magick might be the way to go. That way, maybe it comes back from where you sent it and maybe it just comes from elsewhere.

If you’re dealing with an institution and not just a few people (i.e. set in stone rules and computers vs. a couple administrators in charge of making decisions), I’d go with Belial (assuming it’s quite the bit of money as is the case with educational institutes I’m familiar with) or just general wealth magick. If it’s a few humans in charge of the decision, I’d go with King Paimon or straight up money magick.

Good luck!


Yeahh i called King B ,Yesterday…
Not a full fledged evokation only Meditation on his ennn.

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King Paimon and Belial are a smashing combo. They helped me with a very toxic situation at work that resulted in the removal of “very important people” and a total restructuring of the whole system. I HIGHLY recommend them as a duo for this kind of thing.


So u suggest evoke both em subsequently ?

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I evoked them together, yes. At the same time.


Idk i didn’t searched tbh
But they have no refund policy :sweat::sweat:


how long have you went to class? a few days?

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2 days i enrolled on 6th jan 2023 And that of online Search up Mindworkzz institute delhi bY arun sharma

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then you might still havr a chance to get your money back. if it’s more than a week then the chances would get lower each day. do the spell asap and talk to the people there to refund you.

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Well well ,It seems Like the case is resolved
I Called king B for 2 days After that i called their ppl they denied after 1 hr of fuckery They still denied ,Then Out of nowhere i got an idea in my mind i called Consumer Court and then they intimidated the whole institute And they are ready to refund my amount, They will refund my amount till 12th Jan I’ll post an appreciation post for King B ,Cos it was very Much difficult Cos Cat institutes has Repo For not refunding moni ,I think King B influenced me to take this Step cos this shit is out of the Box hahah, I’ll make an appreciation Post For him After 12th Jan…


Congrats :slight_smile:

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