Kish-Odin chat from Thanking thread convo re deities and stuff related

Look for odd coincidences like this one…

I mentioned to Ganesha about not enough hours and the very next morning I got called in for work on my day off. I could have mistakenly chalked it up to coincidence or luck but I remembered I had been casually talking/praying to Ganesha the night before about the issue.

Often spirit help coming from from deities or angels or demons or ancestors or saints or whoever can be missed or chalked up to coincidence unless you pay attention and remember that you said something or asked for something and that then after that (like after you were saying about needing something) then that”coincidence” happened and you get it.

I hadn’t even asked specifically I just told Ganesha at the time about the problem and it got solved. :smiley:

I already thanked him for it on another forum when it happened but I’m gonna repeat it here now since I brought it up just now to point out that sometimes spirt help can look like a coincidence until you look at it and realize it fits with prayer x or complaint y or need x or whatever and you could miss and overlook it easily especially if it happens after commenting to a deity about a issue but you hadn’t actually asked fir the help just needed an ear and then got helped anyways cuz the deity is real good and wanted to help you.

So Ganesha thanks for your help when I needed it you’re the best! :smiley:


I never prayed to Ganesha before. I am willing to do it because since 2012, I have anxiety episode and some were solved and some are still there. I am much disapointed by life that my heart is exhausted and I am full of rage and anguish. I actually am mad about life. I mean I never have opportunities of business, life, work, having friends in person for real. Since 2012 and my health problems with food started, I went directly into anxiety because the health care system of my province in Canada is a joke, a real bad one. I have done, tons and tons of shadow work and seems it is not enough, it is never enough. Life gives nothing and I know I am supposed to get certains things so my mind can rest and be free to create, not distracted by every day needs or money needs. SInce my dad diedin 2021, my life has been anxiety and stress and the worries of money. At this rate, I won’t be able to continue. Maybe I should not continue. Thanks for your story anyway but I will try that deity you mentionned. It is not that I don’t trust spirit, it is because there is no way for me to know really for sure in human life circonstances.

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@Odin If it’s anxiety you might want to consider Shiva he’s known for being the deity who brought meditation to the world and known for his calmness and benevolence (don’t let the title the destroyer fool you he’s a destroyer of evil but known as protector of h good and humanity and Ganesha’s father in the Shiva family). I think for anxiety and emotional issues he might be helpful to you.

Ganesha is known as a remover of obstacles so he might not be your best first choice although in Hindu tradition you are supposed to pray/worship Ganesha before the other gods/goddesses so he removes the obstacle to communication with them (I’m not Hindu but I do believe in the gods/goddesses and pray to them sometimes and offer to them sometimes but I don’t do formal Pujas). They were the first deities specifically Ganesha was who heard me and did anything for me :slight_smile:

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Shiva evocation I will try tonight before going to bed.
So many spirits I have called since the last years and no contact was made.
It is like my energy cannot have that. Thank you for sharing.

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Deities don’t need a formal evocation, you can do one if you like and want to but they’ll also hear if you are focusing on them with your mind heart and spirit and just pray aka tell them what you need to tell them. If evocation is more comfortable then do it if not it’s not necessary for communication with deities.

Edit add: not including the Christian deity in that statement. Was raised Catholic and a lifetime in that didn’t do squat that thing If it exists didn’t hear prayers answer them or anything.

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Wearing protects me and anxiety is less severe but I am starting to cry over the state of my life. I wear my grey t-shirt and I am more dynamic and happy and confident and yet if I wear it to often I will atract negative energy that will destabilize me lol not good life being empath.

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Sort of speaking in our minds?

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You bet, the catholic world is like a desert, nothing ever happens.

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That works. Also if alone and no one is around you can also whisper aloud to them. Both work.

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OOps wearing BLACK! I mant to say

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I meant to say if I wear BLACK…the rest follow…see post up there

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I must watch which color I wear, what noise I hear and what food I ate. not easy being empath …or me for that matter. I wish I could eat a croissant or a piece of bread. I sure wish to know if a deity can help me with all this food crisis and clothes etc

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No deity will do all the work for you, they might help with stuff but there are things they won’t help with if it’s something that will teach you a lesson you need to know and learn.

So ask for help but if help or intervention. doesn’t come keep working on the issue and if it does be grateful. No harm asking cuz they won’t help without being asked as a rule because that would take away our freedoms.

Also if you ask they might do something after you’ve learned whatever you need to
at which point you might have forgotten asking them and think it’s luck or remember and start wondering why it took so long.

I would not ask a deity to solve it all for me, but at times in life, one burden completely eliminated does ease the life a litttle. thank you for the posts you did so far, it is appreciated

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According to what I’ve read about the Hindu beliefs and deities some problems are Karmic lessons you have to learn from before they’re solved.

Others problems just happen and it’s those ones that aren’t Karmic the deities are most likely to help with and respond to the quickest.

Karmic ones need you to learn whatever before they get solved. It’s just too bad you don’t get a booklet at birth that says you did x in life y so you gotta learn a in life ___ whatever name or number you want to call that lifetime.

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So @Odin let me and the readers know what happens as far as if you get any help even coincidental (even if it’s days or more later)!from the deities. I’m pretty sure what you were talking about is along the lines of Shivas expertise but if you have trouble contacting him speak to Ganesha first and ask him to remove the obstacles and connect you with Shiva so you can tell him what you need help with or need and tell him after talking to Ganesha if you seem to have trouble connecting to Shiva. Then see what happens.

Suppose you need to learn to meditate better (not saying you do) there might suddenly be a meditation video pop up on YouTube or whatever or on tv or a free course might become available in your area. Deities tend to work like that they rarely do things dramatically unless that’s absolutely the best way to do it.

It usually is in ways that could seem coincidental in my experience although m, when I had a major back issue my disk slipped out of wack and it was painful to move and it felt so bad I feared a wrong movement like a sneeze could make it go worse and paralyze me and I called on Ganesha and Vishnu my back was instantly made better. Instantly. Miraculously instantaneously. This back miracle was also mentioned elsewhere (I am ever grateful to Ganesha, and to Vishnu for miraculously fixing my back instant at that time). Thanks again Ganesha thanks again Vishnu :smiley:

It all depends on the situation, whether it’s karma related and what is the best action or sometimes inaction) for that situation.

So let me and other readers know what happens. Don’t expect Miracles but know they can happen when calling on real deities like the Hindu Gods and Goddesses and that their response will be what’s most appropriate and best for the situation at that time (that time being the moment when you call on them).

It also will end up the best thing for the future too not just for that moment (though if it’s something like more work shifts for more money that can be a monetary thing or something for a length of time as opposed to a forever thing cuz it’s situation related. More work is good when you need the money for something but it might not be so good when your legs hurting so then when that’s happening they won’t arrange for you to get called in more when you’re in pain something else could occur instead of more work shifts. :slight_smile:

So tell me and the other readers what happens ok?

Edit add: it’s late after 2 am I don’t know if my edit made this more or less easy to read and understand. I hope it didn’t make it harder to read. Anyhow if necessary I’ll edit in the morning.

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As to the extra hours Ganesha got me… Luckily it occurred so quickly otherwise o might no have realized he arranged it but it happened less then 12 hours later so I was able to connect the dots. The healing no way to mistake it was a response because that happened right away. If either had happened a day or more later I probably wouldn’t have realized the deities worked on things for me.

That’s why I say if you call on a deity or spirit or ancestors it could happen right away or it could happen later and it might look like a sheer coincidence or sheer luck and if you don’t remember asking or telling them about it you might not realize that the deity or spirit or ancestor helped you out so if you’ve asked for something or mentioned something don’t forget to look at seeming coincidences and events to see if maybe it wasn’t a coincidence maybe it was a response to your request or what you told them about.

Just remember their perspective isn’t ours. If you complained about your job you could lose it and then later get a better one they set up the circumstances for so you’d get it. If something like that happened you’d likely get mad and think they failed you or screwed you but it’s mad be because there was more happening under the surface. I haven’t had that happen BUT since spirits including deities have different perspectives on things then us humans things like that could also happen. Not saying don’t tell them about whatever or ask for help with whatever. Just saying deities and spirits aren’t human.

Their responses sometimes might seem contradictory or opposite in the short term (I remember reading E.A Koetting saying he did a wealth related spell and then lost his at that time job and was mad cuz it seemed to be the opposite of what he asked the spirit for but then in the long term it turned out it was necessary for the wealth Mahican to bring him the wealth that if he hadn’t lost that job he’d have never gotten into a on to get more wealth.

Not saying things always happen that way just that they can because spirits and deities (and maybe ancestors) see things differently than us sometimes. BUT other times they see it like we do that the best answer is fir the boss to need another person to work that day or that healing you back right then is the best option and when that happens it’s wonderful amazing seems magickal and that’s when you just want to tell the world how they helped you how great it was :slight_smile: but if it doesn’t work like that don’t count it failed even if it seems to be going in the opposite direction to what you wanted when you told them about it or asked them to do something to help you.