Spirit assistance decorating and furnishing the temple

I’ve been noticing something lately. When I do business with goetic spirits frequently these days they are asking for art, or commemorative souvenirs.

I recently did a project with Astaroth and his request was a painting or art of a serpent… I said ok if you’ll ping me while you see me looking for your request with something that tickles your pickle let me know. Now Astaroth what am I to do with this snake image or painting? I was going to be pissed if he wanted it burnt or buried after I spent good money on it.

No, he wanted it mounted in his honor in a very specific part of my eastern temple wall. Ok, if that’s what you want then we are in accord.

A few weeks before that Duke Zepar had asked me for a blade and rose…He refused to say more and left me to my own devises. So,I let the answer come to me, it’s a rusty old katana I keep around for home defense, the rose was plastic, intentionally plastic so it wouldn’t wither. What was almost a deal breaker was he wanted this displayed on the altar. Now as you all know altar space is limited and precious. We agreed it would remain there until it no longer could …mmm kay :thinking:

Now I’ve got Sabnock asking for a plush animal ( stuffed animal) of a white lion…( Dude wtf, really why?)

And Azazel now wants a painted or drawn depiction of the famous scapegoat of the Jewish religion., Of course mounted, …west wall.

Here’s why I made this thread. Has anyone else had a period of time where the spirits requests have also been in the furtherance of decorating your temple or altar? If any one has had similar experiences please share so I don’t feel so weirded out. I was happy when Bufas just asked for blood recently. Decorating is strange. ( My temple does need a spirits touch though I admit).

Or if anyone has any relevant insights I’d like to hear from you.

The serpent of Astaroth


Not in the same way they make requests to you. But I do have certain things in my space for specific spirits.

I think you have a unique relationship with your spirits and they feel comfortable asking for things they can connect with.

BTW, love the serpent :snake:


Sort of. I’ve had them request idols or representations of other sorts. They’re usually hovering over me to let me know if they approve or not. Like Zagan wanting the 19 Crimes wine bottle because convicts could start over there.

In a twist to that, I’ve told a spirit that if they want a fancier representation for their place, then they needed to bring that to me in some manner and let me know.


Its more like spirits tell me what I need to do my work. Like spirits kept telling me I needed my ring I just got for the necromancy stuff. Even though Im hard headed and it took 2 years to convince me I needed it.

They always told me I needed my crystal skulls for workings. 12 to be exact.

Usually, when they point out something I need it turns into my big workings /projects.


I’m kind of thinking they all want in on my real estate in the Temple of Sitra ahra! The spirits seem to want to make a lasting impression on this sacred place where we commune and collaborate…

It could be too like you’re thinking @Arianna they are chosing things that vibrationally will make this place draw power and be more in sync with their energies.

Yes I may have partitioned off a corner of the altar for the angels but we’re never gonna see saints images or icons on the walls here.

I think too the goetics like tag their haunts with graffiti to warn other spirits away, or to respect their turf…
Idk :thinking::man_shrugging:t3:


Oh definitely. When I’m feeling artistic and messing around with AI art, several spirits like to show up and almost yell certain words or phrases, to plug into the AI program. What is neat about AI art is that each piece has never before been seen by human or spirit.

Sometimes I can feel em “move into” the art, similar to if you take a rock and use it as a home for a spirit. When this happens, it seems like the spirits as a whole are on an art kick for 3 weeks or so. Seems like AI art functions as a digital altar of sorts. You are definitely not the only one my friend. :metal:t4: