How to perform an exorcism

Let’s discuss methods for detecting possession, defending against it, and exorcism techniques. specially without the help of angels and divine.

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Paging @DarkGodofQlippa, this seems like his domain.


Let me start this way @CosmicTofu . This post is in response to being paged ( which is perfectly fine, I however I may not respond the way the way some might like is all. This response @CosmicTofu it’s tone , tenor and verbage are NOT directed at you. I’m gonna answer with what I think and tell you why I think it. Let’s go.

The problem here is this and I’m just gonna keep it real. It doesn’t truly matter whether it’s a djinn, a fey, or a demon or elemental if you lack the basic ability or power to evict anything to begin with it doesn’t quite matter does it? So it is a moot point, again I’m gonna keep it real here I don’t think there’s realistically no chance whatsoever for a newish magician who really hasn’t figured the nuts and bolts of this out yet to do anything like excorcise themselves, so I really wanted to just avoid this topic frankly as nothing I say here is going to help. It makes zero sense for us to write him out a series of instructions that he simply doesn’t have the juice to make it happen with. And OP that’s no disrespect but we’re calling a spade a spade here.

Now look in the case of alot of alot of people with entity attachment issues with negligible Magickal ability are going to have to try to do their best and live a healthy life, around decent people, maybe attend some religious activities and most importantly control their own thoughts and emotions to starve the entity of anything it needs to eat. Alot of times if this carried out firmly with resolve the entity will get tired of not having anything to eat and will fuck off. In my mind thats about all that he’s gonna be able to do about this.

So to the OP who I know and like, I think this situation is regrettable and if he cannot find or doesn’t have the funding to go to a reputable practicing magician for relief his only realistic option is the church or going to a rabbi or imam.

They have tests which they will administer to determine possession or mental illness. Yes I have diagnostic methods too I use to determine the truth about situations like this and this may not sit well with some but for real IDGAF! Im about done helping people by freely giving away what I worked a lifetime for so that others can enjoy the benefits of my work and later end up screwing me. Not say you would OP but I no longer entertain those kinds of situations or requests. Nothing personal.

I don’t have much more to say on the subject and I’ll be excusing myself from the conversation further.



Great post @DarkGodofQlippa! Really, there are many magicians who wouldn’t quite want to say it, because they want everything to be possible for beginners or they themselves don’t want to feel like something isn’t possible for them, but really sometimes you do need someone with experience. Down advanced paths, we often can’t recommend certain practices as others don’t have the knowledge or experience to carry them out. And, excorcism seems like something that requires a good degree of experience and knowledge.


I can feel the pain behind your words, I have always played the role of an older and supportive brother and I know what you mean and I fully support you here.The reason I created this thread is that a few days ago I found out that one of the archangels was behind my lack of success in a particular magic. And when I asked him why he did this(channelling by other magician), the Archangel gave a very childish and cruel reason, i could swear that his reasons belong to a egregore, a puppet of the cruel gods.I am so shocked that I want to completely remove them from my magic,so I want to learn other defense methods other than lbrp and etc.

Basic requisites aside, usually I conduct this type of thing by calling whatever is possessing the human and chatting with it for a bit. Usually, I’ll have a friend (spirit) come and “oversee” to make sure I’m not acting in ridiculously unsafe ways and the possessing-entity is offered something.

There are, of course, other ways, but that’s how I handle the ones I’ve had before me.

(“Parasites” don’t count, they’re just thrown out on the spot.)

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Personally, I would be very careful about trusting direct spiritual experiences like this, “UPG”. During channeling or evocation, it’s highly likely that the individual will be influenced by their own thoughts and biases, in traditional texts they take measures to prevent against “idle imaginations and phantasms”. It requires a great deal of training to recieve impressions from spirits reliably like this.

So, among occultists who trust too heavily on their impressions from trying to communicate with spirits, you’ll find almost every conspiracy theory both confirmed and denied, every idea confirmed or dismissed.

In my opinion (And if I read correctly, Plotinus had a similar view), reason is a more reliable way to come to esoteric knowledge.

I’ll say, the sort of behavior you mentioned would seem very uncharacteristic of any Angel to many magicians.

I’d like to leave this excellent Aphorism here:

Providence and Necessity (are), in the mortal, birth and death, and in God, unbegotten (essence). The immortal (beings) agree with one another and the mortal envy one another with jealousy, because evil envy arises due to knowing death in advance. The immortal does what he always does, but the mortal does what he has never done. Death, if understood, is immortality; if not understood (it is) death. They assume that the mortal (beings) of this (world) have fallen under (the dominion) of the immortal, but (in reality) the immortal are servants of the mortal of this (world).

–Hermes Trismegistus, Definitions of Hermes to Asclepius, Part 10, Definition 6 (Translated by Clement Salaman et al, The Way of Hermes)