Possession Methods Poll!

You want to possess someone. Do you possess them with….

  • a Goetic spirit
  • a jinni
  • a god from a traditional pantheon
  • a low level demon you plucked from hell
  • some poisonous energy you conjured up
  • a fantasy creature turned egregore
  • the spirit of an animal (whether dead or as an archetype)
  • something else entirely
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You can choose up to 2! Always interested in your reasoning if you want to share :slight_smile:


You always make the most fun and exciting polls @Laurel_Spider

Let me explain my vote. First my vote was Djinn first, goetic second.

Why Djinn first, well, now I’m not claiming I am… But, if we’re mad at a MFer a Djinn is an excellent way to torture, Punish or correct the bad behavior of another in general. Possession by a djinn. Well look, if you don’t know they will fuck your life up in “diverse” ways. You see @Laurel_Spider a djinn once it’s inside of you is not gonna be banished. Banished doesn’t apply to their kind. So the target really is stuck and frankly it’s gonna be like a heart surgeon needing heart surgery, can you do that yourself heart surgeon? No clearly not because it’s yourself you’re operating on.

What does that mean well, while it fucks your whole life up one side and down another, it is a "SPECTACLE " if you’d never seen it and you encounter it…( making you a raving madman, paranoid behaviors, delusions of persecution, twisted merry go round brain in a blender trains of thought, stalkerish behaviors that make others frightened and afraid… oh yeah… And basically it’s not gonna leave until you get a Muslim excorcist, a rabbi, or a strong Magician who even knows the right way to rid one of this ( at best dangerous to everyone involved) it it is absolutely horrible to watch. It really fucks a life up bad. Like basically j have never seen a case of legit possession end well on its own. Demons sometimes accomplish what they intended and will leave on their own, or you can ( if your will to resist still exists, make them uncomfortable by going to churches, reading JCI scripture, etc they sometimes get fed up and just leave. I’ve never seen that with a Djinn. They are in my book the gold crown holder.

Now 2nd goetic spirit because I know them well enough to ask special favors and usually u get what I want. I don’t get told I can’t or no very often.

I can ask for truly maelific possession to set in rapidly stage by stage the target will experience the temptation of unethical or immoral behavior ( or perverse and unnatural) which leads then to overwhelming oppression to act on these thoughts, which will lead to one being overshadowed by the goetic principal. This is called the full court press, this is when the demon attacks with all legions and probably some tag along buddies. It ends it madness, disease, heinous crime ( and trust when you are arrested they’re out, they aren’t usually interested in doing the time with whatever may be left of the target, ) and finally death with the possessed soul usually accompanying the goetic spirit to lower astral or ( hells) rather ( imagine a poor bewildered, tortured ghost hanging on the pocket of the goetic principal that’d be pretty accurate I guess.

That’s if I pissed enough to want to see a MFer possessed anyway since you asked @Laurel_Spider



I picked something else, because I learned a few years ago, I could possess someone myself.

I did it the first time by accident, but it taught me how to do it. I spent alot of time in this persons head just exploring it and all the different areas, but once in you can manipulate their mind and bend it to your will, if thats what you choose. I didnt do that with this person because I was learning and exploring not out to harm. But when your inside and know which areas are what, you can manipulate thoughts, behaviors and actions, dreams.

If I were going to do it, I think it’d be more fun to do it myself, and watch my work play out. Just find the entry point and then your in.

There is an area of the brain I call the library where information is stored you could do so much in that part of the brain. Then theres other areas to work with like the olfactory senses. The area for motor skills, the list is long, of areas to play with.

Document what you did and they reacted. You could fill notebooks with research.


Picked something else as well for the same reason. I found that I “stepped” into a similiar place you described as a library. It was something I experimented with awhile ago, although I had better luck manipulating emotional displays than straight thoughts (causing someone to laugh, cry, get furious for no reason and watching the confused expressions afterwards). I’ll have to do some more experiments to see if I can get an individual to say a specific phrase or something as evidence of planting straight thought.

It’s also a good tactic to scare a magician trying to mess with you, as I learned in college. There is more than one way around a shield lol


Yes, you’re quite right about that…

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I finally met someone who understands what I’m trying say!

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Ditto lol. I haven’t met anyone else who has tried it either.

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