Am i possessed?

I don’t want to talk about how I got possessed, because it’s too long and it’s not a story or two,let’s just say It is very wrong to get close to some two face white magicians specially the Muslim type. here are the things that make me think I’m possessed.
1-I have seen him/her threaten me with harm and illness many times, and they have all come to pass
2-He/she suffers from my joy and peace, here in this video (1:20)@DarkGodofQlippa talks about rocking back and forth,This has happened to me several times,In the times when I have enjoyed the peace of nature and I have been in a good mood and thing like that, in public!

3-He/she hates energy work and practicing magic, like giving water to someone with rabies
4- biggest problem ,I have thoughts that are not mine, offensive images and thoughts, mostly sexual,About my beloved spirits, I used to fight them, but now I have lost the power,and i can’t do it anymore.
5-I used to open my claires for a few seconds whenever I wanted, I’ve lost that too for a few months now.He/she takes controls of my mind more and more day by day, I don’t even know what I want from this world anymore and who I am,or what should i say.
6-aa Michael has shown him/her to me several times, in the form of a lizard or a cockroach or a child who curses in my ear without stopping in an unknown language,this language was very annoying.
7-when this thing possessed me(one of few times) I was so sick that I was looking for something to kill myself with, and the sickness lasted two hours, and although it seems impossible but I could taste some kind of yellow astral slime in my chest,it’s hard to explain.This bad taste was not of this world
8-He/she does everything to ruin my relationship with other magician’s,and people.
Please tell me your thoughts and suggestions


You haven’t stated whether you’ve been screened for mental health issues prior to these things happening. Doesn’t mean that’s what it is or isn’t and plenty of us here have mental health challenges that are managed (or not).

Since you said this was Muslim-based, have you seen an imam to try to get help in that way? Spirits that believe in a paradigm, such as the JCI one, are likely to respond to it.

What have you done to try to help yourself?

What are your spiritual practices? Rituals alone are more a side-dish compared to daily work in this area. I know some belief systems think that rituals alone are good enough, but that’s their problem.


Tnx ,I have been to the doctor many times, I am healthy, I have a little depression

I do not understand, help me?That group of magicians worships the first imam of Shias , I believe that he is the same as Allah or Yahweh.

I did some rituals with aa Michael, energy work, lbrp, anti attachment mantra,nothing changed.


He means that if you are possessed by a spirit that follows a religious paradigm then you should visit a a religious elder/priest/imam of the faith said spirit falls under for some spiritual healing. For example if the Islamic magicians are Sunni go to a Shia (sorry for spelling) imam and tell him you are being targeted by religious magicians.


Well i am not a muslim and i hate all religions, And the only reason I was close to them was my youth and ignorance.but this thing is powerful and hates infernal more than anything.


Angel riyiel 29th angel of shemhamphorash is good for providing shield against potential spiritual attack


Ok you’re not following the logic. Let me try to break it down to you so you can understand. You don’t need to follow a religion to make this work.

  1. You are possessed by a JCI spirit but you are not xtian
  2. You go to a catholic priest
  3. He sends you to a doctor to get mental health screens
  4. Results are normal
  5. He gets authority from bishop to exorcise you
  6. You get exorcismo sessions until spiritX leaves
  7. You go on with your life still not being a Christian

Hope this makes sense


Ha ha,he said imam,I thought he meant twelve imams that Muslims worship, not one imam of the mosque,my bad.we calling them sheich here
well I didn’t succeed in getting help from anyone, they got angry as soon as they saw me, only one of them told me that you have djinn.


Why didn’t you start there from the beginning. Go to a religious person that specializes in jinn banishing.


They don’t like me,They do not help me, as if someone is standing behind me and is complicit with them.


here muslims call every spirit djinn


Yes actually I find it highly likely IF, IF, IF you are possessed by anything at all is most likely djinn related. @norse900 is right mental health issues need to be ruled out as a potential cause if what’s going on first and foremost.

For those that don’t know the Djinn cannot be banished in the traditional sense of the word or we would use it.

IF, IF, IF it is possession, which I am not rushing to that judgement you can either wait for the spirit to get bored and leave on its own.

2# start engaging in religious activities, convert to Islam and spend alot of time in the mosque, the spirit will likely detest this and leave.

3#. You stop giving it the food it wants, stimulus, thoughts, energy, etc. Starve him out.

4.#. Excorcism, during your garden variety version of Muslim excorcism the magician will offer the djinn a chance to join Islam also. Most Djinm accept this and then understand they cannot live inside of you.

5.#. This is risky and tricky. If you are competent at evocation there is one spirit I know of In particular (Loray, Leraje) who can be called to destroy or drive out possessing djinn. I was plagued by 3 of them for a long time and he was the spirit who saved me from it.

6# go find a competent magician and hire them for excorcism and or energy attachment removal.

Those are your options as I see it

I will say excorcism is one of my least favorite things in the world to do because of the risk of the magician getting punked and possessed too. It does happen.

I wish you good luck my friend. If you care about others safety around you try not to touch other people physically unless you have to because it’s super easy for a djinn to jump from person to person that way.

Interesting side note we see this frequently from this quarter of the world.

I theorize that the plane of Djinnistan is actually close ( planes wise) imagine light and heat can both occupy the same place in time and space and not interfere with one another.

I think it is like this with other planes. Djinnistan seems to be close to his section of the world relatively speaking.

Much like in England that world where lovecraftian entities are closer to their reality than say north America. Throw on top of that it appears different god’s rule different lands and there seems to be subtle yet discernable differences in how reality operates and what is and isn’t possible in that land under that rulership.

The above is nothing I can prove I just noticed because I’ve been all over the world that certain things can and can’t happen certain places, or perhaps may be more predisposed in certain geographies.


In the context of most banishing rituals and derived power (from derivatives of them) this is correct.

There are methods, but I only know energetic ones…because I developed it I’m sure others exist. This one can have consequences without other… cultivation. I prefer negotiation and resort to that first.

The larger issue with exorcism is that it treats the symptoms without doing anything else. The spirit is free to infect someone else. Which is why I’ve not done them.

Exorcism kicks the can down the road for someone else to either stumble on or deal with.

@King1911 if you are exorcised (and this could just be a bad case of multiple attachments), someone will need to plug the holes in your system after this has been dealt with.

If they are outside this larger sphere then this doesn’t matter. Couldn’t help it. They’re never further than a simple reach out when they want you to find them.


Bro why is it then the Arab world seems to have a higher number of cases of djinn possession than does south America?

Sure there always a reach away but sometimes the reach is nearer than other reaches get what I’m saying?


Not saying it doesn’t. Don’t remember contesting that. I’ve been there and saw some, though I didn’t know it at the time.

Old Ones are different.

But, family and tribe history has a lot to do with their concentration. Their origin story will always be shrouded in mystery. I’m allied with several groups, but not the majority.


Family and tribe history, I hadn’t considered that. Good point!


Came across it with my work through of The Necromancer. Came across similar veins with some of my Tiamat stuff with some entities she introduced me to.

Accepted by the individual was the first step and nothing more. Still had to be accepted by the tribe, both family and, if you wanted to integrate more, the larger. Larger takes an invitation and the Ghouls can be brutal, since they, according (accurately) to lore, hate men.

But this is a different conversation.


Very important. Thank you.

Doesn’t matter. What does the SPIRIT believe? That is the point.


You can always banish it yourself. Just make a good enough/comprable offering.

Or tell it you want to work with it, and when you’ve gained some practice then tell it that you’ll help it move on and find a more worthy target.

(@norse900 , this is kicking the can down the line)

If you don’t want to be djinn entertainment, or food, then figure out how to banish or make friends. If others won’t help you, then you need to help yourself. I’d start reading about banishing low-level spirits (do you have a religious section of a library you might visit) and start learning to interpret something as a method of communication with it so that you can ask what I wants from you and come up with a solution.

(This, of course, assuming it is a possession.)


It is, but not in isolation. This spirit feels ripe for a cork. If it was only religious people, yes, but I smell something I may want to play with.