Dreaming demons

So the first Eureka moment I had was when I had petetioned and tried connective evocation method(DOM)with King Vine,I petetioned to him to help me evoke demons better and a few weeks later I dreamt and it was sort of nightmarish as I wasn’t prepared or expected it,so within dream I wake up and see my mom sitting near me telling me it was just a dream,as soon as I realise she wasn’t supposed to be in my room…The scenery turned intensely dark and the entity just like held me from back like a chokehold and talked to me with a sharp voice.

I asked him,who it was,He said Veena(Vine) and that he had informed me he would be coming on Thursday,I was terrified and when I calmed down all I did was thanked him for showing up and expressed my heartfelt gratitude for showing up,as soon as I did…the dream ended and I woke up.(And yes to my surprise it was Thursday which I wasn’t aware of😂)

Same thing happened yesterday,I wanted to evoke Glasya Labolas for protection and I had been reading about him,listening to his enns and chanting for like a few mins then slept, this time it was my girlfriend’s form at first and all of a sudden I was on chokehold, I asked him if it was Glasya and he replied in my ear ‘Yes’,Then he said “Open your mind” and I replied yes I will,Then I woke up🙂

Why are they appearing in the form of someone I know and why am I on a chokehold🥲,Sorry for the long post but I need to try to understand why this is happening.


If you are a newbie (we all gotta start somewhere), it may be a manifestation of a generalized fear. This goes away with experience.
As for appearing as somebody you know, it seems like they were taking on a form to put you at ease.
Much of the unsavoriness goes away with time and practice


Tbh this sounds like an introduction to GL’s particular brand of demonic humor. I have had similar experiences with them. And spirits enjoy taking the form of your loved ones to play games. This has happened to me more times than I can count.

I would advise against going to GL for protection, if you are stilling getting your toes wet. Archangel Michael is safer and more reliable, and if you want to keep it demonic, there are plenty of others to pick from. I don’t know if this is what DoM advises (does it suggest going to GL for protection?), but jumping straight to goetics who specialize in baneful could go poorly.

I think there is a “process” that happens when getting into demonic practice. Step One is social and religious conditioning, not to do it, and that demons are evil. Step Two is deciding to do it anyways and placing demons on a pedestal. Viewing them as powerful friends who want what is best for you and want empower you. Step Three is realizing that they have their own agendas, they can lie, they can mess with you, they can burn you, and they will if it lines up with said agenda. Or if it amuses them. That is what I have seen, at least. Take it for what you will. Others may disagree.

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I have stopped using DOM method since I feel it’s disrespectful atleast to me,I have had major successes with that method with King Vine,President Buer,Prince Seer,Duke Bune.
I am thinking of evoking President Glasya as I was advised by Lucifer through channeling(through medium)
Lucifer is helping me shield currently and also asked me to destroy a curse which existed with Duke Forcalor,which I did. I was also asked to get protection from President Glasya also to destroy anyone who tries to curse again or harm me in any way :slight_smile:

I am confident in my magic and not at all scared just curious about why the chokehold and talking in ear😂

It makes sense since I don’t look up images of demons or give them a form in my mind,I still remember I asked King Vine in my dream to show me his face,I sort of couldn’t process it even though he was shifting his face,it was like buffering full of static…idk how to put it in words but yes that should be it :slight_smile: