Healing Moon Spell 🌙

Healing Moon Spell


  • Copper Dish
  • Black-Handled Ritual Knife
  • Natural Water (not tap)
  • Healing Herb
  • Physical Link to Target

Step One: Lunar Dish

Fill a copper dish with clean, virgin, naturally sourced water. Place a photograph or some personal
item of the sick person into the water. Then go outside and catch the Moon’s reflection in the dish, to connect the energy of the Moon with the energy of the sick person.

Step Two: Healing Herbs

Add an appropriate herb to the water, while incanting (3x):

Oh Moon that shines in the sky,
Help me and this herb to heal ___ from the illness that they have encountered.
As you set, so shall the illness go away,
As the herb falls down into the water, so the health grows.
Cure him Moon, cure him herb, cure him water, chase illness away.

Step Three: Water Cutting

“Cut the water” three or nine times with your ritual knife and then spill it on the ground, at a crossroads, or into running water, which perpetuates what was done by the Moon.

Note: The herb that was soaked in the water can be worn as an amulet against all illnesses.

Ref: Balkan Tradition Witchcraft (Radomir Ristic)


Very cool! Yeah, this really does sound like traditional folk magick.