Balkan Healing Spell 💧

Balkan Healing Spell

“The first thing you must provide is a ‘Source of Power’ (Izvor Moci) for your ritual…to be used as a fuel for your magical action. The ‘Source’ can take many forms. Sometimes it is…objects. At other times, witches use the force of their own ‘will’ and body-energies in combination with the energies of places, relics, charms, stones, earth, stars, Sun, or Moon. In Balkan Craft, the ‘Source of Power’ is mainly Cult objects, which we call ‘God’ and ‘Goddess’, even if they have widely recognized Christian names.”

~Radomir Ristic (RIP)


  • Natural Wax Candle (no paraffin, coloring, or scent)
  • Hollow Pumpkin / Gourd
  • Christian Church Incense (not Far Eastern)
  • Bouquet of Sweet Basil (tied with a red cord)
  • Black-Handled Ritual Knife
  • Cup of Natural Water (not tap)
  • Physical Link to Target

Step One: Vessel

Just after midnight, pour the clean, virgin, natural water into the hollowed pumpkin or gourd. Add the physical link of the person you wish to heal. Use your ritual knife to “cut” the shape of a cross into the water three times to “open” the water to being empowered with your intent.

Step Two: Offerings

Light the candle an incense as offerings to the ‘Source of Power’.

Step Three: Alchemy

Begin to stir the water with the bouquet of sweet basil and incant:

I call the stars and the Moon to be my witness in what I am doing.
I call St. John (God) and Maria (Goddedss) to witness what is happening to ____ .
Banish this illness from ____ , far, far away!

I banish you, illness, into the never-land,
Where no dogs bark, where no roosters crow, and no sheep bleats.
I throw you, illness, into a wide hole, a deep river,
Let it count and never be able to finish counting.

Let them be like they were before,
Let them be good, healthy, and never ill.
Thank you for this, St. & Maria.

Step Four: Repeat

Repeat this spell three, seven, or nine times. Snuff out the candle.

Step Five: Healing Waters

Pour the water into a bottle and give it to the target. For one week, they should drink a little of it and wash their face with it every morning.

Ref: Witchcraft & Sorcery of the Balkans (Radomir Ristic)