Hekatean Banishing Spell (Emotional Release & Healing)

Hekatean Banishing Candle Spell

This spell was inspired by Protection and Reversal Magic by Jason Miller and The Moon Book by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener.

It is more suited for emotional blocks, trauma, and negative thought complexes than for entities, people, etc. The spell is ideally cast on a Monday night during the hour of the Moon, during a waning moon. The Moon was waning in Cancer when I cast it.

Step One

Carve what you are banishing into a black candle. If you don’t have black, use white. Carve downwards.

Step Two

Drop magical oil into your hands. I used:

  • Banishing Oil
  • Mandrake Oil
  • Datura Oil

I chose mandrake oil to help connect with Hekate, and because Mandrake is an ally. I chose datura oil because Datura is also an ally, and I associate Datura with death, the moon, healing, and transformation.

Step Three

Rub your oiled hands together and then rub the candle between them. Speak the following words, and visualise your words entering and charging the candle in the form of each of the elements in turn:

By fire, the burning soul of the Goddess [Hekate], I banish ___ . Fire, burn this energy off of me and purify it.

By water, the flowing blood of the Goddess [Hekate], I banish ___ . Water, wash this energy off of me and purify it.

By air, the living breath of the Goddess [Hekate], I banish ___ . Air, clear away this energy and purify it.

By earth, the body of the Goddess [Hekate], I banish ___ . Earth, absorb this energy and purify it.

Step Four

Place the candle on a fire-safe surface and light it while saying:

By the secret names Aktiophis, Ereshkigal, and Neboutosoualeth, I banish ___. By my own power, ___ is banished.

Step Five

Meditate as the candle burns. Do what feels right for you.


Do you make your own oils?


No, not for poisonous plants. I get them from Belladonna’s Botanicals. I’d like to some day, but these are plants I know better than to experiment with!

The Banishing Oil is also from Belladonna’s Botanicals, but this is something I now feel comfortable making. The Death Oil and the Hellhound Oil could both be used for this, in different contexts.


Ive bought some of their stuff Azazels ritual spellfire and Lucifuge’s.



No problem!