Sea Shell Spell 🐚✨

Sea Shell Spell

“This is a multi-purpose ritual which can be used for love, money, or health.”

~Scott Cunningham


  • Shell
  • Candle
  • Herbs
  • Bowl
  • Fire Starter

Step One: Call to Ocean

Choose a beach that you know usually has plenty of shells rolling around on the sand. Go to the ocean for an hour or so before high tide. Look at the waves and say these or similar words:

By surf and sand,
By wave and sea;
By foam and land,
A shell for me.

Step Two: Gather Shell

Walk along the beach and look for a bivalve; the larger the better. Small won’t work for this spell. When you find it, pick it up while incanting:

Shell that has tumbled
On the beach,
Bring what I need
Within my reach.

Wash the shell off in the ocean water.

Step Three: Materials

Go home and place the shell on your altar. Grab a candle and herbs:

  • Love: pink candle, rose petals
  • Money: green candle, ground cloves
  • Health: blue candle, sage

Modify as you see fit. I would use a white candle and chamomile / angelica for healing, etc.

Step Four: Spellwork

Place what ever herbs you choose in a small bowl while visualizing what you need and incant:

  • Love: Love, love, love for me.
  • Money: Money, money, come to me.
  • Health: Health, health, heal me.

Place a pinch or two of the herb into the sea shell and incant:

I place [ love / money / health ] within the sea.

Step Five: Candle Magick

Light the candle. I would advise cleansing, consecrating, and charging it as well. Visualize your need and drip the wax over the shell until the herbs are fully covered with wax. Carry the charm with you, or place t on your altar, until your wish manifests.

Ref: Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques in Natural Magic (Scott Cunningham)

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Pretty cool ritual! It also got me wondering… what about an invocation which involves an absurd amount of tongue twisters? Hmm, maybe I should write one oneday…

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This sort of silliness is how we ended up barbarous words :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
I fully encourage it!