Haunted Toys 🧸 👻

Someone gave me toys over a year ago for Odin, as their child had outgrown them. They are the toys that babies and toddlers can crawl or walk up to and play with buttons and nobs , play music and lights up.

The toys stayed under my carport for a year because Odin, wasnt big enough for them yet and I didnt have alot of room in my house.

About a month ago i cleaned the toys and moved them to my screened in front porch. Odin, rather be outside.

So I have one side of my porch that are just toys for Odin to play with.

Now I get that the person who had the toys before more most likely put batteries in them. I never have. Like I stated, they sat under my carport for over a year. When i moved them to the front porch, I still didnt put batteries in or change any. I was just letting Odin play with them without all the lights and music. There are still things on it to play with. Now the toys have been on my porch for at least a month.

Last night my middle daughter comes in after dark. She is standing in the doorway and Im sitting on the couch watching the new lord rings series on amazon prime.

She looks at me and says, mom havent those toys been on the porch for a while.

And I say yes a couple of weeks now why?

Thinking she knows someone she wants to give them to or something. Maybe thinking Odin doesn’t play with them.

Odin, does play with them but he hadnt been to my house in several days.

So, I tell her that Odin does play with them, i just put them on the porch to give more room in the house and he likes to be outside anyway.

My daughter says, Oh, its not that.
And shes still in the doorway looking at me and back to the toys.

So I ask her what is it.
And she tells me to come look.

I do, and the lights on the toys are on. Now i get that most likely it has some batteries.

What I dont get is that i have those toys for over a year and I have never seen the lights come on. Now that I know put new batteries in them .

Even if the batteries were still somehow good, my daughter and I were out after dark the night before and the lights were not on when we came home. I believe we would have noticed bright, red, yellow, green and blue lights.

Odin, or any other kids did not come over in between last night and the night before , so no one turned the toys on.

But, even when I went out at 4 am this morning the lights were still on.

I can imagine old batteries still going strong for all that time.

My daughter was cool about it and just felt something left a light on for her to be able to see.

But typing this I do realize that those colors are the same colors Ive been discussing in my demonic color therapy topic.

Interesting. Maybe, they are being mischievous, or maybe its all coincidence.

But its pretty interesting.


Get out the divination tools and see if it wants to talk.


Good idea! :bulb:


Haunted toy lights still on


If I go check for batteries and their ain’t none.

I’m gonna pee myself. :rofl:




Hold on haven’t looked yet :rofl:


I cant get the part where the batteries go open. I need a smaller screw driver

But either something was hanging out or there is a short. When I touched it the lights went off.

Those lights had been on for 24 hours. I barely touched it and they went off. :thinking:

It could really be nothing but it’s odd. Like I touched it and instantly, they went off.


Yep, get out your pendulum and get some answers


Ok I will do that tonight!


I think though there could be batteries in it (if there isn’t I am making and sending you holy water). There’s something energetic going on around your house. Especially since this happened all the lights and stuff you were seeing in the sky.


Guess there were batteries cuz you didn’t tell us you peed yourself. So not haunted right?

I still dont know. I need one of those really little screw drivers to open up the part where batteries go. I keep forgetting to buy one.

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Has it lit up since?

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Not that I know of.

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I am getting more and more invested in this.


It is a curious thing. There is really some strange stuff going on in this area.

The other night my daughter and I were driving down a road after dark and this devil dog thing crossed right in front of us. It wasnt any normal dog , it was solid black from what I could tell and huge. It just stopped and stared at us and then it went into the ditch and high grass. It was a coyote and we don’t really have wolves. So idk what it was.


Did it look like it had fur or was it just skin? I ask because I just was watching something about a coyote wolf hybrid that is also vampiric in Texas. It is naked looking.

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It had fur

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Chupacabra? Stray dog? Wild boar? I know boars aren’t dogs but if it was dark it might have been mistaken for a dog.

Add: here’s hoping it ain’t a chupacabra. Although I hope someday someone gets a verifiable pic of one.