My Weird Dream

I once a couple of years back lived in a house on Pine Lane. Now anytime the family talks about something that happened living there we refer to it as Pine Lane.

Pine Lane was freaky. There was a long hall way and at the end of the hall was mirror so it gave strange vibes. The entire house was strange. We had experiences with ghosts, poltrigiest activity, doplgangers , shadow people, you name it we experienced it in that house. Toys with no batteries would move or speak. You could hear something like a cannon going off. You could see a little girl and a little boy. There was a cowboy that would show up. It was a very active house and I to this day believe there is a portal in that house.

Night before last I was sleeping on my couch, where i live now but I was dreaming I was back at Pine Lane. I could see this girl, she looked young early twenties maybe. with long blonde hair. But she looked dead. Her skin and face just looked like someone who had passed. In my dream i was leaving Pine Lane and the girl didnt want to stay there. She wanted to leave with me. But I didnt know what to tell her. I feel like she feels trapped there. But Im not sure how to help her.

Thats not the first time the dead have found me at Pine Lane. When i lived there someone I knew had just passed away and kept knocking on my door to my room like i was suppose to help him. But we were not close in life and i sent him away. Maybe for spite. We not close when i knew him and i couldnt see how coming to me would help him. I think now that i know more about me, i could have helped him. But at that time i didnt know what i know now.

This girl though, im not sure how to help. I didnt know her. So Im not sure what she wants other than to not stay at Pine Lane.

Does she want to move on? Just leave there? Need closure? And why did she connect to me in the dreaming. My sister lived there when i did and is capable of helping spirits.

But she found me. And wanted to leave Pine Lane with me.

Just trying to sort out my dream and get some insight.

@norse900 any ideas?


I have a (vetted) psychopomp servitor who could help her move on, if you would like. @norse900 has tested her, as have I.


It could be that the dreaming environment was easier for her to come to you. Could be she recognized your aspects or maybe she knew you from a previous life? She may have just stumbled across you and decided to follow, looking for help.

Did you need me to project to Pine Lane and start cleaning things up? Hecate or Hel could deal with the harsher entities easily enough.


If @Mythopoeia could help her move on and @norse900 could clean things up that would be great!

Norse the people that lived there before we did, played with an ouja board but had no idea what they were doing. I think they opened things but had no clue how to close them. And when I lived there I was just starting on this path so I didnt know either.


I’m not on norse’s level when it comes to energy work; I could PM you how to summon her and you could speak with her (she’s very friendly), or if willing you could PM me an actual address to send her to?

Edit: Actually, I am not on norse’s level when it comes to most magical things :joy:


Ok I will pm you.


Before I forget to say it again, I had a weird sort of feeling similar to Deja Vu about that house. Not like I’ve ever been there physically.


Thats strange. Im telling you that house is freaky. I saw a doppelganger of my sister , when i know she was at work. But she walked right past me in the house.