Fixing my face

I was a pretty man before soldiers destroy my whole body,half
of my teeth are destroyed, my jawbone too,now I’m just starting energy work and stuff to become a magician and talk to spirits but i know i have a long way to get there,i just want to know is that possible to grow bones and teeth with magick? and if not and one day I’m soul travel to another plane of existence do i have the same face and teeth that i do now? i don’t want to goddesses hate me too lol


Sorry that happened to you. Every-so-often you hear of claims from someone that they did something like this, but it’s never with any proof. I believe in the possibility of most things, just not the probability of it. I’ve not tried anything that big, to be honest.

You could ask spirits like Raphael, Marbas, Helios, Leviathan, etc. for help with it.

They don’t really care what we look like. It plays no part in how or whether they will help us.


Personally, I am inclined to believe it is possible. That is quite a controversial statement in itself. But I believe it will require a great deal of knowledge in traditional magick, and a great deal of skill, and an extended period of time of spiritual purification. So, it is a difficult thing to accomplish.

If you mean the Goddesses of “pagan” faiths, such as those worshiped by the ancient peoples of the Middle-East, Europe, Africa, China, etc. Then I seriously wouldn’t worry about it, I would not think that they would have any ill judgement on you or find your appearance appalling. Even just saying that feels absurd to me.

Take a look at my post here for some information on one traditional view of the Gods, which should make it clearer as to why this is so:


I don’t know if it is possible to grow bones and teeth, but I do think it’s possible to use magick to get the resources which can help you heal them. Magick might help speed up the healing process though, I think :thinking:


I have not heard of success in regrowing damaged or destroyed tissue or bones (not saying it can’t be done) but it might be quicker easier and better to use the magick to get the money for plastic surgery and to get the worlds best plastic surgeon and orthodontic surgeons to fix you up (like influence the surgeon to want the job to stretch and expand on his skills and reputation) because even if magick can do it it’ll take longer that way then to use magick to get the money and influence the worlds best to work on you.

Adding that it’s remarkable what they can do (like when they did those face and hand transplants). It might be faster to use the magick this way instead of using it for trying to regenerate tissue or bones. It’s up to you but if you want it sooner rather then later that would get the result faster.


I agree with this. I have a tumour that caused a disfigurement that I wanted helped with. I knew that I wouldn’t wake up the next day and have it “normal” again. So when I did magick to help with it what ended up happening was a doctor took interest in me, bumped me up on the waiting list and they were able to think of new and creative ways to fix it. Hail Lucifer and Azazel for helping me with it :fire:

As for them hating you for how you look. They do not care at all what you look like. They do not judge people on looks like humans do.


Yes, because nothing is impossible - there are however degrees of improbability.
I recommend The Compleat Witch by Anton LaVey. It’s written of women, but there’s a lot for men too.

Basically, one of the many messages of The Compleat Witch is, if you have a deformity/injury - exploit it for what it’s worth. It’s not like no one will notice your physical issues - so exploit these. That mysterious woman/guy with the…

Anton wrote somewhere or other, that he went to an Art Gallery and he was looking at the paintings when he noticed that there was someone else on his floor - a man in a wheelchair. Eventually the wheelchair man wheeled himself to the staircase and just as Anton was about to help him down the stairs the wheelchair man got out of his wheelchair, pushed it down the stairs and hopped back into it.

Anton intrigued pursued him and inquired about the incident. Wheelchair man replied that he liked looking at the art but there were no chairs to sit in. Moreover, if he came during exhibits and there were crowds, if he was in a wheelchair everybody moved away and let him into the best positions for viewing. (Get fucked!)

Years ago I saw a story online about some American guy who got severely burnt - forget how. His head was completely burnt and consequently he had no hair. After that happened he became a millionaire several times over and married a drop-dead gorgeous looking beauty queen of a woman. I was pissed off, because I still look a lot better than he does, but he’s a fucking multi-millionaire with a Goddess-wife!


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Your afterlife etc is most,y dictated by your beliefs. As for your current situation I’m sorry to hear that.

Soul travel is not death, you can do it when you’re alive

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Then the same answer to that, you’ll look how you perceive yourself

What you said is meaningless, you look exactly like your body in soul travel, maybe a couple of years younger, astral travel maybe different

Ok, then why ask?

You right, i find the answer a few days ago

A goddess came to my dream and i had the fucked up face like reality, but it seems that she doesn’t care

Sorry my bad English

I have 3rd degree electrical burns all over my body, I have very serious burn marks that can still be seen except my face, up to my groin area.

I wish I was in your situation instead of so many burn marks. I couldn’t go to the sea for 6 years, even you would get sick if you took off my shirt and see me,I know it hurts when people look at you with pity and always ask how you are. Every person is flawed, if you tell them about their own wounds, they won’t listen to you. People question the suffering of others without caring about their own. Magick gave me what I wanted I don’t care about people or my body.

Because you and I, the others are in the 1 percent, those ordinary people in the 99 percent have no purpose, they just wait to die, they continue to live like puppets, they continue to persistently worship their gods who never helped or did. not hear your prayers,I prefer you to ignore the opinions of the shit bags that continue to live in the world as puppets, they pity you they are small communities, even punishment is a blessing to people.


Thank you for your kind words.