Energetic Cord Cutting with Hekate and Atropos

Energetic Cord Cutting with Hekate and Atropos

This is a cord-cutting ritual I conceived of through my work with Hekate and the Fates that was very much inspired by Jerry Alan Johnson’s “Pulling Out the Pain Meditation”. It is a mix of energy-work and candle magick.

Step One: Calling Hekate

Create a sacred space and centre yourself within it. Call Hekate into your sacred space, using whichever evocation / invocation your prefer and explain your intentions to her when you feel her presence. Carve this intention downwards into a cleansed black candle, anoint it with a banishing oil (Atropos Oil would be ideal), charge it with vision and intention, and light it on a fire-safe surface in her honour as an offering. You can use the my Hekatean Banishing Spell, if it speaks to you.

Heketean Banishing Spell

Step Two: Calling Atropos

Call Atropos into your space and provide her with an offering of your choice using the following invocation:

Hail Atropos, Unturning
Eldest of the Moirai!
Daughter of Darkness and Night!
Daughter of Heaven and Justice!
Daughter of Holy Chaos!
Daughter of Water and Earth!
Daughter of Necessity!
Cutter of Cords!
Who wanders in the night
Fair-armed and robed in white
Who wields a bronze mace
Unseen by mortal sight
Who sings the things that are to be
Who issues the letters
Who knows no denial
Who ends all things
O Relentless Goddess
O Bringer of Fate
O Impending Doom
High-Throned and All-Terrible
Behold this offering of _____
And with placid mind, hear my rite
Sever that which banes me!
As you cut the thread of life
With your abhorred shears
Bring the endings I seek!
Issue your iron decree
Hail to you, Atropos!

Sit comfortably and close your eyes, stilling your mind. Know that Hekate and Atropos are present and are guiding your ritual. Breath in and out of your Lower Dan Tien and touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Step Three: Expel

Move your awareness to your solar plexus. Visualize this energy center opening and releasing the unwanted and harmful energy connected to your emotional trauma and inner pain, as well as any energy that has been implanted into you by those who would exploit you. It expels from your solar plexus like a dark cloud of noxious gas.

Step Four: Sift

Move your awareness to the toxic energy pouring out of your solar plexus and feel the painful emotions, illusions, and unhealthy attachments that it manifested in your body flow out with it. Sift through this dark cloud, searching for bright lights that represent the clarity and experience that you gained from enduring and surviving these traumas. Separate the light from the dark, guiding the empowering lights to one side of your space and pushing the dense cloud to the other.

Step Five: Transmute

Move your awareness to the dense cloud of your anguish, ignorance, and deep pain. Visualize Atropos standing by your side, robed in white and wielding a dread sword. Incant, “Hekas, Hekas, Este Bebeloi!” and clap your hands loudly as Atropos’s dread sword falls upon the noxious cloud. Know that your cords have been severed as the dark cloud is expelled from your space. Watch as Hekate rises with it, transforming it into an explosion of radiant light that falls upon you in a gentle rain of healing energy that fills your entire body.

Step Six: Integrate

Feel your entire being drinking in its pure light, cleansing you entirely. Breath in also the empowering lights you sifted out from the cloud, letting the lights enter through every single pore of your body. You can use pore-breathing / full-body breathing here of you would like, or run the microcosmic orbit.

When you are ready, thank Hekate and Atropos and close your ritual as you see fit.

If you try this, please share your experience :slight_smile:

Hail Hekate! :old_key:
Hail Atropos! :scissors:

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Blood Moon in Taurus
Tuesday, Hour of Saturn

I tried this out today, with a focus on unraveling my defensive toxicity. It did feel powerful, but was quicker than I expected. May I be rid of it once and for all :raised_hands:

Hail Hekate! Hail the Fates!