Mythopoeia's Freezer Spell: Experimental Jar Binding ❄🫙

Mythopoeia’s Freezer Spell: Experimental Jar Binding

This is a spell I am working out that I would like to invite others to try. I feel it is safe enough to not need be lounged during its “beta” phase. Please post your results if you try it!


  • Jar with tight lid
  • Snake shed or bones (substitution: ivy)
  • Stone
  • Physical link to target
  • Black cord
  • Paper
  • Pen / Pencil
  • Water
  • Optional: Binding Oil / Tincture
  • Optional: Binding Ink / Bat’s Blood Ink
  • Optional: Food Coloring

*Do not add witch’s salt! Or any salt. This would interfere with the freezing.

Step One: Ritual Space

Gather your materials and set up a ritual space in accordance with your own practice. I would call upon Hekate directly, but you don’t need to.

Step Two: Cleanse, Consecrate & Charge

Cleanse, consecrate, and charge a small or medium glass bottle. Use smoke, energy, visualization, a spell, a mantra, whatever works for you. Make sure any oils / inks are consecrated. Cleanse the cord, consecrate it with binding oil (optional), and charge it. A tincture, e.g. of a nightshade, would be fine as well. I like to recite a little incantation when I use cords, empowering them to bind by Hekate’s power and my own power. Do what you like. Cleanse, consecrate, and charge your snake bits or ivy as well. I would recite Hekate’s “IO HEKA IO HO” mantra and then breathe into them. Empower them to bind.

Step Three: Target

On a piece of paper, write the name and ideally the birthday and place (or address) of your target. Write out what you want them to stop doing, as a command. Use magickal ink if you have any. This could also be written on the back of a picture of the target. If you want to be extra, write it out like a defixio. Appeal to Hekate and the Gorgons if you do.

You could also make a sigil for your target, especially if you have magickal ink. Then you would have less mess if you wrote the rest out in normal ink. Add any physical links you have to the paper and fold it up (away from you). Add poppy seeds if you want them confused.

Step Four: Binding Part I

Wrap the packet up in the cord, visualizing your target being bound and ceasing the behavior. A noisy neighbor, a gossiping colleague, a bully, whatever it is. Incant something like this (chatgpt wrote this for me, ngl):

Hekate, goddess of magic and might,
I call upon thee in this fight.
With the power of the Gorgons’ gaze,
May my enemy be frozen in their ways.

Medusa, Sthenno, and Euryale,
Gorgons of old, with tales that prevail.
With one look, they turned men to stone,
Let my enemy be petrified, all alone.

Guide me, Hekate, with thy power and grace,
As I speak these words in this sacred space.
Let this hex take hold with all my might,
So mote it be, and let it be done right."

Step Five: Binding Part II

Place the folded paper in the jar. Add the snake sheds or vertebrae or ivy to the jar, visualizing the coils of the snakes binding and silencing the target. Add the stone, visualizing the Gorgons turning the target to stone and paralysing them. Fill the jar up with water. There is yet more room to be extra here; you can use natural water and cleanse / consecrate / charge it as well. I will use water from a creek by the local cemetery.

Close the jar tightly and hold it in your hands, calling upon the power of Hekate and the Gorgons to bind the target. Focus your intention on the target being silenced and bound while chanting “IO HEKA IO HO” into the jar. Keep visualizing; the mantra itself binds the target now.

Step Six: Freeze

Paint sigils on the jar if you like. Make offerings to Hekate and the Gorgons, offer parting words, and place jar in freezer. A tip from Diana Rajchel: add food coloring to the water based on your intention (black for depression, yellow for optimism, etc).

Please share your results if you try this, or any impressions, advice, critiques, etc :+1:


A silencing incantation of Jason Miller’s: