Candle Spell for Vengeance Against a Thief

Candle Spell for Vengeance Against a Thief

This candle spell was inspired by a rolled-up curse tablet recovered from Athens, Greece. It calls upon Hekate, Persephone, Pluto, Hermes, the Fates, the Furies.

I designed it, but have not (yet) tried it. Please share your results if you do.

Step One: Petition

Write out the following spell on a small sheet of paper:

I register and hand over ___ to Pluto and to the Fates and to Persephone and the the Furies and to every harmful being; I hand them over to Hekate, eater of what has been demanded by the gods. I had over to the goddesses and gods of the underworld, and to Hermes the helper; I transfer the thieves who stole from [place], who stole ___ . I hand over those who know about the thief and deny it. I hand over all of them who have received what is contained in this deposition. Lady Hekate of the heavens, Hekate of the underworld, Hekate of the crossroads, Hekate of the triple-face, Hekate of the single-face, cut out the hearts of thieves or thief who stole the items contained in this deposition. And let the earth not be walkable, the sea not sailable; let there be no enjoyment of life, no increase of children, but may utter destruction visit them. As inspector, you will wield upon them the bronze sickle, and you will cut them out.

On the other side, draw this image of Hekate:

Annoint the (small) petition with either:

  • Dark Arts Oil
  • Success Oil + Poison Hemlock Oil

If using poison hemlock, be smart and go through a reputable seller, like Belladonna’s Botanicals. It doesn’t hurt to wear gloves!

Step Two: Roll Candle

Roll the petition up with a candlewick in a sheet of (preferably black) beeswax. Hold it in your hands and pour your energy and intent into the candles; employ visualisation and speak aloud, if you wish.

Step Three: Incantation

Light the candle and recite the incantion above.

Step Four: Visualisation

Pour more energy and intent into the candle, imaging the flame as a gateway. Envision your will working itself. Let the candle burn all the way down; keep an eye on how it burns. Rolled petition candles burn different from normal candles.

Best done on a Saturday during the late planetary hour of Saturn :+1:

:warning::fire: Rolled petition candles burn hotter and less predictably than normal candles! Don’t roll them too tight, try to keep the petition paper small, and absolutely do not leave them unattended. They can crack ceramic plates, set fire to resin, etc. I have found that adding herb mixes helps them to burn more consistently.


Good work @Mythopoeia this is a solid bit of spellcraft.


Cheers MB :slight_smile:

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That’s for sure. That stuff’s poison :slight_smile:

Reminder to the readers…
Because it’s poisonous It wouldn’t hurt to change your clothes before preparing a meal for yourself family or friends if you’ve used poison oils as a general precaution sand definitely wash hands after removing glove (and after changing clothes if you do). It’s one thing to hurt an enemy another to accidentally harm yourself or people you like from carelessness

I’m not thinking anyone on this forum would be careless but by me adding a reminder to be careful with now we can be sure even someone new who’s never done witchcraft who came here just to find a spell for revenge on a thief will know that oil is nothing to play around with.

Add: @Mythopoeia feel free to copy and paste that advisory to wash into anything you write that uses poisonous stuff especially oils if you want (so even newbies will know to be carefu)l.


Belladonna’s Botanicals makes a Poison Hemlock flying oil that is safe for skin application (assuming you are not allergic). Or at least they did, before Roe v. Wade got overturned. I no longer see it in their catalogue :frowning:

I still have a bottle. This is what I use.

*Posted in the spirit of herbalism product availability and safety, not politics :+1: