I need help with ideas…

I need ideas how to get my ex and his girlfriend out of my and my child’s life forever. They don’t give a crap about anyone’s wants, needs or feelings but their own. They keep trying to force my kid to do stuff he does not want to do. They also try to bully me to do as the desire too. Yet they have only taken my son for a grand total of two weeks over night over three and half years. I am truly at my wits end. Thanks for the ideas.

  1. Hot foot?
2. Modify this abjuration?
  1. Banish and cord cut?
  2. Call one of these entities?
  3. Bind them against contacting you / your child?
  4. Hand of Glory to immobilize?
  5. Turn them against each other, with a love breaker rite or the Venus of Saturn call?
  6. Domination rite?
  7. Freezer spell?

I am loving all of these. First I gotta take care of kiddo he isn’t in a good place at the moment.


Smooth suggestions, I’m still kind of fumbling to think of something to respond with. :joy::joy:


I’d focus on removing him (ex) from the child’s sphere. The child is the thing keeping him around, unless he’s also pining for you on the side.

So cut his attachment to the kid and then wait for all else to follow is my best recommendation but other things would of course work too if you like another route better. How to do that? You can manipulate him mentally, emotionally, energetically. You can go visit him on the astral and gently tear out the binds between him and the child, you can convince his mind to just walk away. Depends on personal preference. You can also do candle and/or tarot rituals or call a spirit. I can elaborate/give a ritual for most of these because it’s like the other half of obsession/bondage rituals which I love if you want to hear, otherwise that’s my tentative list of suggestions.

Bear in mind though that you’re permanently altering (unless you revoke it at some point or it wears off) the relationship between the ex and the kid.

@Mythopoeia I love your suggestions! They’re all great.


beautiful :clap:


Kids often have spiritual ‘friends’ hanging around. I wonder if you might benefit from trying to reach out to one and asking for help with something specific.


I went through this when my son’s father found a new bed warmer. It was a whole 2 years of hell trying to get him to see his son, which he refused to do while he was with her. My son was 4 and it hurt me when he would ask for his dad and the dad telling me he didn’t want to hear it.

I called on Belial, he hates a deadbeat dad. Ask Belial to unleash his fury on him. I also called on a spirit to work over the ex. I don’t remember which one, but I believe either Abbadon or Dra’talon, I don’t have access to my notes. She overstepped her boundaries and interfered and needed to back the hell off and worry about her own kids.

They broke up and son’s father has been doing his part for the last year. She looks like death warmed over.


I had success with banishing people using the simple LBRP and banishing the Earth element using their names/pictures.

Why? I think people are also earth bound spirits, so banishing that element basically banishes them physically from your life and once they’re not physically there it’s much easier to cut all other cords.


Whatever you use, try getting something personal of his to add to it. Something he’s worn etc, or if he drinks something in your home, get a tissue n wipe the spit n use it.

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Here’s a very edited update they broke up and the trip that they were taking my kids on didn’t really happen (long story).


Did you do any rituals to get them to break up?


Not in a traditional way. It was a lot of my will and my sons will. With some small rituals for back up.

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If you can’t get anything personal use his and her birthday and or mother and fathers names in your working.