Dragon's Altar

Edit: I have decided to move this from the lounge to open forum. Someone might find it helpful somehow. Sometimes the things I experience cause me to feel overwhelmed or paranoid(mostly for no good reason). So, I reserve the right to move it back to the lounge again if I start freaking out or anything.

I found myself in a cave with Bune. In the back of the cave is a Dragon’s skull. There are candles around the skull. There is in front of the dragon on the ground a circle of white candles.

I touch the skull, I try to remember or get some feeling about this Dragon. Bune, says she knew this dragon. And that she has waited millennia’s for another dragon to appear.

I know what she believes I am. I have felt it too.

I know what she wants. She wants to work with the dragon inside. But, I’ve hidden this dragon, kept it secret and safe. To bring it into the open to awaken it could be more than I could handle. Would it drive mad? Or am I already mad?

If I wear to work with this dragon, it’s true I would need help. And Bune, seems to have the experience.

Upon agreeing to this, a ritual would take place and a union of myself and Bune. Am I ready for such a risk? Is anyone ever ready for such a risk?

The truth is I afraid of the dragon within. The power it wields. I can feel it. I am always aware of it. When I get angry and loose control it’s there, wanting to rage to scorch the land, to destroy with a horrible force. Even though I know it’s not all rage and malice, it has healing power as well. But the anger brings the rage and rage brings destruction and I’m afraid of what I could or would do in those moments of blind rage.

But to never face it, never try to work with it would not have a good outcome either. To be uncontrolled bursts of anger and rage. If I could learn to harness it. To Master it would that be better or worse?

Can I trust Bune, completely. Will she keep her word while working with the dragon?

Dragon’s have great magick about them and I’m certain my works could be all the better if I mastered this.

How do I shake off my fears and uncertainty to take that leap. What if I loose control?

But that is the point of Bune, to keep it reigned in. To learn how to control the power of the dragon.

I have been meditating on this like Bune suggested.

I sat in the cave with the ancient skull and meditated. I have lit the candles. How do I move forward honoring the great past and stepping into the future.

I will make a decision soon.


A few years ago, I birthed some dragon’s eggs. I posted about it on another forum The Golden Eggs of Tiamat .

I know deep inside of me I have the ability to call those dragons back to me. And if I need to I will.

Weither I wish it or not the mother dragon inside is going to awaken. So, I can either be prepared and know how to handle that or not be prepared and become a loose cannon ready to go off at every and anything.

I know that the dragon within holds great power. I have decided that, while I will accept help from Bune, I will not hand over my power to anyone. If she can and is willing to help, great. But my power is my own. I earned every last bit of it.

That is where I stand.


Im seeing something that I need to do. A ritual and a scrying. A scrying with a bowl and scrying salts that got in a package from Luciferian Apothica, Ive never used them. But I feel I need to now.

I need white candles to form the circle and the bowl in the center. My skulls. Should be there too. Something is there ready to come to the surface.

Im not sure yet, but maybe this should be what i do Halloween night.

Its forming, getting clearer everyday.


I can see the ritual that I need to do but the thing is once I start seeing it, it begins to take shape and happen on its own.

I spoke with Azazel yesterday about another matter and while with him I asked if he would watch over my circle when I do this ritual. He said yes, of course.

But he asked me to becareful because I would be going through a portal and he wouldnt be able to come with me.

I told him not to worry about that just make sure my circle is well protected. He promised me that it will be.

But I could see everything already happening. I went through the black scrying bowl and into this other realm where dragons roamed.

There was a strange circle on the floor. It looked similar to the flower of life but I dont think thats exactly what it was.

I found my dragon self and pulled the dragon inside of me. I could hear Bune in my head telling me to not stop until I had taken in the entire dragon. It was like looking in a mirror but the reflection was a dragon not my human self at that moment.

This place feels like a palace was carved from a mountain and underground. There are people there. They seem different some how.

I find myself with a servant. He is kind but he may be the first one Ive even been dominant with and actually felt comfortable in those shoes.

This place feels full of magick and energy.
Its different. I was to explore it. There are several dragons flying around the outside. I want to meet them.


There is a magician here. He has his own room that he does magick in. I wanted to see it. I wanted to see the types of magick he does. There is a stand with a book Im sure its some type of grimiore. There are dusty shelves with other books and bottles with liquids and herbs and such. Brown old looking papers and writtings everywhere. Half melted candles and things bubbling and brewing.

I asked if he had summonded me to this place and he seemed to not want to answer me, so I had to ask again. And he finally said that he had.

I asked why he didnt recognize me then if he had summonded me. He said that he wasnt expecting me to appear the way that I had. Showing up in the underground and walking through the palace. He thought I would appear here in his private room where he did the summoning.

His room had a mirror in it as well but it looks silvery and like if touched it would ripple like water. I said that i wanted to know more about this magick he does. How did he summon me here.

He showed me old papers with constellations on it. With stars. I commented that it was like plantary magick. But he seemed to think its a bit different.

Some type of magick with stars. I could make out draco and he pointed to the star he had worked with to bring me there.

The poeple here all wear medallions that fit their stations. Some wear three medallions and some wear two or one. They are also made with different designs to note who they are and what they do.

My servant wears three. Indicating he belongs to the realm, the palace and the Queen.

The magician wears two, one that notes he is a magician of the palace and one that notes he belongs to the realm. His magician medallion is big and must note he is of some importance to the palace and empire.

I wanted to have sex with him. But he seemed to not want to. I asked if i was unatractive to him but he said no that wasnt it. It seems to me a matter of status with the medallions. My servant is mine and has no problem with pleasing me.

I wanted him now more. I meant to have him. And so i found the one who makes the medallions and had another medallion made for the magician. So, it was then acceptable for us to sleep together or whatever his issue was with it. But couldnt refuse me anyway. But I played the game.
I wanted something and I went for it. I want him. I want to know his magick and his secrets and I will learn them all.

I want to know more about that star and how magick with that star brought me to this place before I could even properly scry about it.

There is something about this place. And its history of dragons and this palace. And Im going to find out.

My room is the room that has the circlular disign maybe the flower of life but maybe a lil different. Getting a full look of the whole image is a task. Its very big.

My seravant appeared to me the first time in that circle. Perhaps, I willed him into being. But he says that he was selected to serve the queen based on his assets and abilities in love making. Suits me fine.


I found myself back in the magicians room. He was standing over a crystal ball doing usual magician stuff. I had a question for him a very important question.

When you called me here, what name did you use? He ignored me. So, I asked again, what name did you use to call me here? You wanted a dragon? Which one?

I didn’t want a dragon. I wanted the dragon. The mother dragon.

I looked at him shocked for a moment as the words sunk into my head. The dragon, the mother dragon.


I had to get back to Azazel. I went back through the scrying bowl and to Azazel, I damn near tackled him.

You know who I am!! You know who I am. When I first met you, you said you had been searching for me … And Bune said basically the same thing a few days ago. You were searching for the dragon.
Why didn’t you tell me?!

Because, you wouldn’t believe me if I just told you. You wouldn’t believe any of us. Come on the golden eggs, the book of destinies, how long have you had that book now a few years?

Yes , yes I wrote about having the book in that other place

You finally put it all together. The dragon, the book of destinies, the golden eggs of Tiamat…
Why do you think you can read every magicians circle, experience things as Hekate, or other gods or goddesses? You move freely between the abyss and earth , the heavens, you have never had to struggle with it. The mother. Mother of creation. The dragon.

So what am I suppose to do? Why am I hear now? Now an not a thousand years ago, or a thousand years later? What am I doing?

Well, you were here and you will be here. In everything. Your always here. Just not the you that is you right now. You chose to come through now. Maybe you heard our pleas and woke up.

Who else knows? Azazel, who else knows?
Abaddon, Amaymon, Belial. Most all the ones you refer to as the goetia.

My children.


And magicians? Who knows?

Some speculate this or that , hit close to it but not on the mark. Most think Hekate. What do you want to do?

For now, keep it secret, keep it safe.

I have to have more information. And I have to go back to that place. I’m making progress there. And I have younger dragons there.
Meet me back here in three days with Abaddon, Amaymon, and Belial. I have to go back.

But this circle?

Put guards around it. I know you have them.
And make sure your back in three days.

Ok, please be careful.

Azazel, you be careful.

Don’t forget 3 days time.

I will be here.

I departed from Azazel, and returned to the place of dragons.


I returned to the magician. In his room, there is a stand with a white sphere sitting on it. Like a crystal ball, maybe made of Selenite or something similar.

I walk up to it and touch it casually. The magician, is on the other side.

We begin talking and I ask him if he would like to play a game. Something like 20 questions but we will shorten to ten. I will go first.

I ask him which star he used to bring me here… in his initial working. He said he had done a work with the stars.

His reply, was … well technically I guess you would call it a planet. But I used Venus.

Venus? Interesting, it made since but didnt make sense all at the same time. And it annoyed for a reason Im not sure of.

Your turn.

How can I build my power as a magician?

Well, your already a powerful magician but if you need to strengthen, remember to excercise the mind. And not just in this room. Get out , go outside experience your surroundings. My turn.

I had made myself comfortable on a built in shelf/desk type thing across the back wall.

Why did you use Venus, when all your papers are of draco?

I dont know how but somehow Venus ties to Draco. The dragon. My turn

Why do you ask questions if your apart of everything?

Because, there is no how to manual for this shit. As far as i can tell i can become aware of being anything but it takes focus at least at first though sometimes it happens by accident. But its can maddening. Just reading circles is enough. Knowing your friend acid and hes several states away and hadnt spoken to you in over a month is extreme enough most days. Im still figuring it out. My turn.

Did you use an image of a star?

Yes. My turn.

Can i have the book of destinies?

Have you lost your mind? The last time i have that to someone it didnt end so well for me… so that would be a NO.

Why would you want it?

To change my destiny.

Walked into that one I guess.

Do you perfer vampire or werewolf?

Well, they both have a purpose. But lately i seem to lean to the vampire. Blood is a powerful thing.

Wait, wait , I hopped off my perch and began to pace the floor.

A star, a conection to a dragon through beads, venus , blood offerings, the t rex. What he does privately he doesnt show the world, i know that. Hekate was a cover. It wasnt really Hekate, or Kali, the dragon the eye of the dragon. He breifly mentioned it as a tattoo. He was working with The dragon.

The dragon, the conversation about being aware of being something. It was Tiamat all along. That explains the whole anti thing.

I didnt see it. No one says her name. The dragon.

I realize that while Im pacing Im holding a bronze ish necklace with some type of bronze medallion. But it has holes in it like a design of sorts and little red stones possibly rubies. I dont know where it came from or even when i started holding it but it seems to help me focus.

Im still pacing… but he says we are at four questions.

Ok lets stop at five I have alot to process.

Can you protect my temple area?

Havent I been protecting? I realized I was being snappy and returned to pacing.
Of course I will.

Can you burn some dragons blood incense?


Good. We are done for now.

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I barged in on the magician. Yelling , if i can yell :thinking:

I was angry and accused him of making me sick today.

You made me sick i said, and slammed my hand down on his stand thing where the sphere is.

I didnt not make you sick, he retorted. Why would I make you sick? It would not benefit me for you to be sick.

I dont know. But i was here with you all day until the me… me had to go to work. So it had to be you.

But it wasnt me. Why dont you go over your events of the day and lets see what could have happened.

Well, i was with you all day and then went to work. I wasnt there an hour before i felt like i was going to pass out and started puking.

Ok. So what did we did we do today?

Do not stand there and tell me that you dont know what we did today!!

Ok. We went to the dragon altar , lit some incense, and the you become the dragon, and we were hovering over the earth and then we on earth.


But that doesnt seem like it would make you sick.

Well, i was with you , then i went to work. When i got home i realized that i hadnt eaten all day so i got something to eat.

But arent you diabetic?? You can not go all day without eating!

I never felt hungry. Not at all.

It doesn’t matter you have to eat.

Ugh. Fine but i never felt hungry nothing said hey your hungry go eat.

Well, what else did we do? The dragon fed.

The dragon fed…thats right the dragon did feed alot today.

Maybe if the dragon feeds it connects to you. And you dont feel hungry.

Well, what are gonna do about that?

One, you need to set a remind to remind yourself to eat something. Feeling hungry or not.

Two. Maybe we need to monitor how much the dragon eats. She did overindulge today.

Quiet a bit.

What medications do you take?

Metformin but i dont take it.

You dont take it!

No it makes me feel washed out , bluh.

You have to take it.

No i dont

Yes you do! Maybe its too strong try taking a half or a third…

I looked up at the magician… and…
Why are you wearing a doctors co…oh oh…
Your a doctor! Omg! I know who you are!!

Shhh!!! Shhh… look we cannot tell anyone…
No one!

Your right , ok. Damn…

Now i know why you asked me the question about the vampires and werewolves.

Right. Be quiet. Focus…
Right now i need for you to be well. Ok.
So take your medicine, set a reminder to eat and we will monitor how the dragon’s feeding effect you. Ok?


Its a plan at least. You said you with me all day?

Yes. When i a good connection with a magician i can be with them for hours , especially if there is nothing pressing for me to do as me…me.


What else is going with you your body?

Nothing. My period.

Your period. Now?


It could have played a part. Weaked your immune system.


Have any other dragons been around you,?


Are you sure?

None close to me. Why?

You just woke up and its your monthly. You could attract alot of attention.


Im serious.

What do you feel around you right now.

Well what me…me feels is Tiamat wrapped around me like an over protective mom.


Ill do more.

Remember you list. Reminder, meds

Ok. Doctor Magician.

I realized i was holding the strange medallion again. I seem to hold when Im in this room with the magician.

Oh my demons are also doing color therapy on me again. Seems to be helping.

And shit Im a day late meeting Azazel, but hes doing color therapy. I would say he knows whats up.

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I gradually started feeling better today. Powerade. And i remembered to eat. Popcorn at lunch just to test things. Then egg rolls around 2. I just got to work but I have a little time so Im having a slim jim. The protein will be good.

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Im not sure where to pick back up. So much has happened. I seem to spend all of my free time here with this magician.

I know hes planning a big ritual for Halloween night. I can see it taking shape in my mind.

He keeps me very close to him all the time now. I dont seem to be able to move around as freely in this place.

Its like some sort of bonding. The dragon inside seems to have come to terms with it and doesn’t fight against his will any longer.

He has some type of crystal on a chain. Its very pretty. He shows it to me sometimes but I dont know what its for. Perhaps, it calms me.

The dragon inside appears in his magick circle with ease now. Its not hard to make the change and it seems almost instant with his touch.

The dragon is also better at maneuvering now. I seem to understand the magicians directions much better.

I try to see more of his papers but get distracted when I try to focus on them.

Today, he picked up the medallion with the holes in it and the rubies. He held it up and looked out the window. I think it might be a star or planet map. Maybe the rubies are fixed stars and the holes are for certain times when specific stars or planets are visible. I couldnt be positive though. But since most of his papers are of stars and the heavens it would make sense.

I can sense when the magician is in danger now. Or around a bad presence. I felt it today. He was talking to someone. I dont know who. I couldnt see them. But the presence felt threatening. I was conflicted about this because I do not know how to protect this magicain, when he is not with me. I was also confused, because he told me to stay in the circle. But staying in the circle meant i couldnt leave. So i had no way of informing him that something wasnt right.

Im not sure why he told me to stay in the circle. He never had before. Perhaps, he was keeping me from that presence?

Other than that time of staying in the circle, we dont seem to separate very much.

Not sure what all else i have forgotten to say. But i think I have noted the important parts.

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I never know where things are going, I thought it was Bune who wanted to work with the dragon but it appears it was to lead me to this magician.

Not exactly sure whats going on with me. I dont feel as though Ive handed over any power. But I dont feel so at odds either.

I feel like two different types of power merged. The dragon and the magicain. But what does that mean. I dont feel compelled to fight against the magician but to help him reach his goals. Though, its not entirely clear what those goals are.

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It looks similar to this but my drawing sucks

Its not really a palace. But idk how else to describe it.

Somehow things here shifted within a few days. Or maybe my focus has shifted. Things that I thought mattered at first are not so important now.

The magician wanted to go camping in some woods. Something about finding the right place for his Halloween ritual.

These woods are dark and to be honest give off a type of forboding energy. They are thick too. I think you could easily get here. But the magician seems to know his way around ok.

But now i feel uncertain about his project. These woods are old I can feel it. Like a dark shadow thats always there.

The magician seems comfortable enough though, what is gnawing at me. He also seems knowledgeable of setting up his own campsite. So, what has me on edge?

I want to explore the woods but I dont want to leave him. He put up at tent and is starting a campfire.

I can see what he sees , the ritual with cloaked figures and lighted torches. I know I am there but cloaked. Its almost like the night sky cloaks me. It feels like the magician wants me there and wants others to know Im there but yet not to see me. Its strange.

I know there will be a circle and I will be there but, I will be in there circle. And thats when the fear kicked in. These woods are old they have very ancient spirits and a ritual will draw attention. I cant be in the circle and protect the circle. Or maybe I could as i can divide myself but Im not sure how great it would be. My attention divided at two very important times, with me not attempting it before would be insane.

I have to voice my concern about this. But how to approach him about this? Just take a deep breathe and do it. Its just tricky sometimes magician get all edgelordish and think you dont think they are powerful enough or whatever, and then they insist on doing things that may not be in their best intrest. Its like walking a high wire to ask certain question, tilt either way and you fall. But Im going to try.

So, this ritual that your planning, Im going to be in the circle with you ? I ask him.

Yes, you know that.

Well, who is going to be gaurding it then? Protecting it?

He looks at me. I know he can see me. At least some what. The circle will be fine. He says, and returns doing something with the campfire.

Im sure it will be but I would just feel better if i knew it were protected.

He looks at me again, can you just let me worry about how my ritual takes place.

I take in a sharp breathe , i can tell this might lead to a fight and i dont want to fight. Im just concerned.

Just humor me, and set up some type of protections, please.

There i said please. Isnt that the magic word for getting your way?

The magician lets out a long slow breathe. Fine, if it will help you feel more at ease, I will set up protections.

Thank you!

I mean, I really dont need for you to freak out on me during a ritual.

Ive been known to freak out.

I know.

What else are we doing tonight? Your said you had something else to do here besides scoping out a good place for your ritual.

Im going to name you.

But I already have a name. A few actually. Wont one of those do?

One i cant use for certain reasons you already know, and the other one I dont want to use.

Why not?

Because, I dont want to.

But why?

Are you five? I said i dont want to, thats it.

Its not a good answer. I dont see anything wrong with my name.

I dont want to call you that. Thats why.

Because, Azazel gave it to me?

I hit a nerve. And might have regretted it, but I know its true.

I am not calling you something he named you.

But why? What do have against him? You kept me from meeting him didnt you?

Look, i know you can be in more than one place so no i didnt keep you from him. And the only thing Ive bound you to, you were willing. If you didnt meet him its your own fault. But do I care that you missed meeting him? No.

Ugh. Why do you feel that way?

I just do.

But why?

Will you stop it with the why’s! Its personal.

Maybe I would understand if you told me.

He kept you from me. So its turnabout.

No he didnt.

Yes he did. And yes you already know when. So drop it.

I dont want to drop it. If you have issue with Azazel, then fine but dont let that interfere with my relationship with him.

Your relationship?? With Azazel? Thought that was over.

Really. We are still friends.

The magician looked really angry but damn. What was i suppose to say. I dont get this thing between him and Azazel.

He kept you from me when I told him to leave because I was trying to work with the dragon. But he didnt.

He did what you asked. I pulled him back. Because I didnt know what was going on.

It wasnt a request.

Well, there you go. Thats why you didnt get what you wanted.

But I did get what I wanted. I just had to have more patience than everyone else.

I think you both need to grow up, and let that shit go!

Your one to talk.

Ok. Good point. But still.

I am giving you a new name tonight in this forest, under the stars. And that is how its going to be.


I decided to go cool off. I really cant get angry all the time. It doesn’t help anyone. Especially, me.

Im not sure how long I had been exploring. I found a little stream that I was following. But I felt the magician pull me back to him.

He had an athame and some other things around him. It felt like i was laying on my back on the ground and was on top of me straddling me. Holding me in place.

He cut his hand and mine and held them together. Blood mixing with blood. Im not sure how he cut my hand. But it felt that way. He took his knife and dug it into my stomach and moved it around until it touched something and pulled it out. It was a small round white orb or maybe a stone.

He was saying something, chanting or incantations. Im not sure. I was feeling dizzy. He was waiting for my new name to come to him. The orb or stone seemed to float away, and then a name appeared over us in gold letters. Gretta.

I had to look it up. Curiosity and all. Gretta some sources say greek and some say german though all say it means Pearl. Just insane that a white stone was pulled from me and the name pearl, a white stone.

Im exhausted.

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The Magician, fell asleep. It was dark in the woods but the fire still had a nice glow.

I was just sitting there hypnotized by the low flames, when I caught movement from the corner of my eye. It was a shadow. Several shadows they were moving farther into the woods. And I was curious about where they were going. I wanted to follow them.

The Magician was asleep so I didn’t see any reason why not.

I followed them a fair distance behind. Deeper and deeper into the woods the shadows went. The woods were getting very thick and harder to navigate through. But my curiosity was beating me and I didn’t want to stop.

I was close to jumping a place where the stream ran in front of me when I felt, the Magician call for me. I tried to ignore him. I wasn’t ready to turn back , I want to keep following the shadows. He called for me again and I feel his pull stronger, he was willing me back to him but still, I was fascinated by these shadows and was trying to see where they were all going. But then, the Magician, called me to him by screaming , Gretta!! And pulling , willing at the same time and in an instance I was back at the campsite.

The Magician, didn’t look happy. Furious, to be honest. I wasn’t sure why. But he knew I was back.

Where were you? It wasn’t so much asking as demanding an answer.

I was in the woods, just following some shadows, or shadow beings. I wasn’t sure what they were.

The magicians, fists were clinched, and seemed to be trying to hold back a rage I still did not understand.

You cannot just go off in these woods alone!

Why not?

Because, you can’t. And you will stay be my side the rest of the time we are here. Understand?

But I don’t understand , why? You were asleep, I wanted something to do. To explore.

No, you cannot do that. Not alone, not here.

But why?

He seemed to be getting angry again at my questioning. He took several deep breaths and then said, I don’t want to fight with you. I’m going to try to explain this so you understand.

He thought for a moment and then said, remember that feeling you had when you were concerned about the ritual and nothing to protect the circle.


Ok, well that’s how I felt when I woke up and you were not here.


Yea oh. So don’t leave my side again while we are here.




Hmm :thinking: I wonder what he’s really afraid of. I forgot did you say where the forest is (what country)? I’m wondering if it’s one of those ones with reputations.

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I think it’s in Germany, somewhere over that way.

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Oooh there’s several notorious forests out that way starting with but not limited to the Black Forest :slight_smile: 3, 4 and 14 are in that general part of the world.

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I’ll check that out and see if I can pick up on which one it might be. Thanks @Kish

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