Detecting a Stalker

Hi all,

Seeking some advice and suggestions for dealing with a stalker.
A dear friend of mine is dealing with his ex stalking him, I won’t get into his plans for dealing with this but I am looking for a spirit or spell that will help him to ‘catch her in the act’.
Basically, enhance his awareness of his surroundings so he is able catch her physically stalking him.

I have looked through the 72, since I am much more accustomed to working with them, and the only two that stood out to me were Glasya-Labolas (helps with awareness) & Vassago (he can reveal the secreted actions of specified persons).
I haven’t worked with either before and besides a few posts on the other forum and VK Jehannum’s blog post on Glasya-Labolas, I can’t find much more information on him.

On the other hand, is an evocation for this matter overkill?
I have report with Duke Dantalion, Duke Sallos & President Marbas currently, but I don’t think they cover this kind of thing (although I do have a habit of taking their Goetia descriptions far too literally).

Or if anyone has a spell they think would suit this, very open to that too.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m sorry your friend is dealing with this predator.
I don’t have much experience with Dantalion and Sallos, so please correct me if I’m wrong (that goes for anyone reading this), but I think Dantalion’s ability to change someone’s thoughts/mind can be helpful e.g. to have uncomfortable / unpleasant thoughts whenever they think about or obsess over the friend, and/or redirecting thoughts about the friend by giving them something else to think about and obsess over.
I’ve heard / read that Dantalion and Sallos like to be evoked together/ they supposedly get along well. Sallos is known for causing love, but the opposite is possible too - like weakening / removing love (to compare- and this has nothing to do with this, but Beelzebub can help with both causing and removing disease, but most people associate him with only the causing part, pestilence). You can also petition to spirits without having to do a full evocation.
A binding spell or freezing spell could also help, along with maybe some spellwork for protection.
@Mythopoeia has posted a few binding spells here:

Hope this helps


Thank you replying :slight_smile:

We are currently focusing on him being able to spot her easier when he is out and she is actively stalking him, but your suggestions will come in handy when he wants to actually put a stop to the stalking all together.


Might I recommend Valefar to “urge an unintentional confession from someone who is secretive”?


Mmm I’d actually recommend Andromalius, @veil suggestion about Valefor isn’t a bad idea too.


Thank you! After speaking with him, he is very interested in going down this route. I’ll do some more research on Valefar.


This is also a very good suggestion, many thanks!


May I also suggest some sort of invisibility spell to help your friend stay hidden from their stalker? It might also help draw the stalker out as they could trip themselves up trying to find him.


This was something we also discussed, it may be of use later down line :slightly_smiling_face:


Final update on this!

Thank you to those who helped out and made suggestions, all were very helpful.
It’s been decided that we will actually switch up our approach to this, and for our new goal I will be petitioning Duke Dantalion.

Again, thanks to those who took the time to reply! :slightly_smiling_face: