Descending into Maddness: Lovecraftian Workings

“Where does maddness leave off and reality begin?” -H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow of Innsmouth

This will be a collection of my experiences working with the gods/beings associated with H.P. Lovecraft, as well as whatever comes to mind stemming from this current. I will be working various rituals from different books, which I will mention at the beginning of each posts so others may decide whether or not to look into the text. I also plan on a post of all the books I am dissecting that I will keep updating as I work, as well as general thoughts.

This is going to be an ongoing work, so there really is not a schedule per say. If it starts to become really heavy with any one spirit, I will consider making a separate journal dedicated to them. I am keeping this as loose as I can to be open to inspiration as it comes.

Note: I do not plan on working with Simon’s Necromonicon. It just does not interest me as of now but I will reread it eventually if I decide to reconsider.


Feel free to post this stuff in the Obsidian Oubliette! It’s a thread exactly for this!


Books Being Dissected

(Subject to update. Notes will be provided later on)

-Chton: An Approach to Lovecraftian Sorcery by Carl Oort

-Evoking Dagon by Carl Oort*

*This is supplementary material for Chton that focuses on, you guessed it, Dagon. It is about 16 pages long.

-Necromonicon Gnosis by Asenath Mason

-The Psuedonomicon by Phil Hine

-The Book of Cthulu by the Dark Lords (not sure on this one but I am not finished just yet)

-The Black Book of Azazoth by S Ben Qayin


Meditation with Dagon

I decided to start working with the order of spirits illustrated in Chton, which begins with Dagon. Work has been slow this week so I took some time during my break to reach out in order to begin. I put on a reading of the short story Dagon and focused on my breathing. I allowed myself in a light trace and called out “Father Dagon”, the title that the Deep Ones use for him in Shadow of Innsmouth.

With each repition, I felt the air thickem and weigh down, like being submerged. I had a vivid experience of the smell of ocean air from my childhood that was damn near choking. I introduced myself when I felt he was listening and asked for a sigil or symbol to use to call him. It flashed in my mind along with a terrifying/exciting force. I thanked him and was going to ask more when I was interrupted by a coworker. I managed to draw it down quickly before I forgot.

I plan on activating the sigil and using it for some dream magic with Dagon later.


Dream Notes

As I mentioned in my last post, I used the sigil before bed in hopes of communicating with Dagon via dreams. I put on “The Shadow over Innsmouth” to help with the immerison process as I slept. I visualized the sigil forming above me as I lied down and opened it via intention. I put out there a request for any information Dagon may want to share to help my overall development. More by instinct than anything, I offered energy from my slavia as a way of “giving water back” (as in giving back to the primal oceans life emerged from).

Now, what I had was not really a dream per say but vivid imagery and information that hit me as I was waking up. The image was that of a long piece of seaweed whose stem is whipping around in the currents, getting sunlight and nutrients within the chaos, but still having strong roots to prevent being torn away. It remains me of how mankind has strived to conquer the chaos of nature by with our technology to improve our survival (or comfort). However, all it takes is for the roots to be damaged for the plant to get lost. As for humans, all it takes is a Black Swan event to throw the control we believe we have through our technology out the window.

I also had an idea for a ritual involving the Deep One shapeshifting technique from Pseduonomicon and the pillar Dagon is often depicted gripping as a tool similiar to Trees as an Axis Mundi point for journeying. I will get into more detail when I actually try it out.


I love this idea. Haha

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Right lol. I usually use mythology or music to help with the immerison process, so I figured it was a good alternative to start with.

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Experiment with Money Magic

I have been thinking on how to work with these beings for recordable results. So far, with the exception of Phil Hines’ book, the focus on working with these beings seems to be limited to either gnosis or personal ascension. While I am not downgrading the importance of those pursuits, the fact of the matter is that it is hard to focus on goals as big as ascension when one is in need. Gnosis does not exactly help quiet a rumbling stomach.

For inspiration, I once again dived into the source material. In the Shadow of Innsomouth, the Esoteric Order of Dagon would make sacrifices to Dagon and Hydra in order to gain fish and expensive jewelery, which was wealth in the eyes of the townsmen. Dagan and Hydra were viewed as ambassadors for gods as opposed to being gods in themselves, similiar to how the lwa are to Bondye. They would do this in exchange for sacrifices of locals, as well as the mating between humans and deep ones. Obviously, this is just the plot of the story but I will have to experiment with offerings of blood and sexual fluids in future rituals, as “exchanging waters” keeps coming up.

On a whim, I took some time to relax and mentally call out to Dagon and his consort Hydra (I used the titles “Father Dagon” and “Mother Hydra”). I asked how to attract money (what I associate as wealth for this experiment) and felt the urge to spit on tne ground with the intention of “I give my water back to the sea for knowledge”. Allowing my mind to relax and recieve I visualized a circle of light forming about five feet away from me (with me in the center). I visualize the circle spinning, creating a vortex that “pulled” money towards me. A second circle formed closer to me, spinning in the opposite direction. It channelled what was pulled by the first and allowed it to “shower” the energy of the blessing over me. It felt like Dagon was the influence of the external circle, while Hydra influenced the inner circle. The imagery slowly faded from existence as the ritual ended.

It took about ten minutes and I just let it happen, not focusing on feeding it as much energy as I could have. After all, I was to learn, not necessary partixipate. I gave another offering of saliva and thanked them both before going to work. I was rewarded with finding a five in the parking lot, which was used to quench my thirst. May not be as big of manifestation to some, but it was pretty successful for a first try.

I am thinking how to create a more formal ritual using what I learned to make the ritual more potent, likely with additional offerings such as blood and sexual energy.

Additional update: I just noticed a notification about my credit score jumping 20 points as well. Seeing as credit scores are used for opening up access to borrowing money, especially during an emergency, I am going to count that as also successful.



This is not really focused on meditation or magick. It is more of an update on my own mental state and some general advice for beginners.

Lately, I have been reflecting on my emotional state. I tend to be a little stand offish with the intensity of my emotions to those who are not part of my close inner circles. I have learned how to dull it down with dark humor to better communicate my emotions but it has been one of my greatest challenges. It has been plaguing my mind lately and I have had to focus the reason why. Like many others, I had a parent spilt, as my biological mother split when I was a child. Ultimately it was for the best (meth is one hell of a destructive drug), but it does not mean it came wound free.

Another later to why I have trouble communicating my emotions stems from what I went through with my ex. Without going into too much detail, it revolved around emotional manipulation that included the use of threats of suicide as a means of getting attention. Needless to say, it was tough to get through, as I was also dealing with desire for suicide myself and was cutting at the time. The ending of that story allows me to be able to relate to those who have been cheated on as well (seriously, it is kind of a black swan event that I did not turn out as a misogynistic asshole and have been able to keep my current relationship going for the last decade).

So, why am I bringing up my personal shit? Simple: I have found over the years that if you work with spirits for growth, your shit is going to come up whether you like it or not. Old wounds that are not dealt with tend to fester and the infection spreads, leading to our baggage getting in the way of the things we want in life. When we ask a third party to help us achieve those things and they notice it, it is going to be brought up in ways that we are going to have trouble hiding from. It could come as thoughts, songs on our feeds, dreams or even in porn, as one of my friends explained to me (talk about a mood killer). Some spirits will do it gently, while others will do the old sink or swim method (cough Belial cough). You could try to put up limitations in deals to try to prevent it, but I personally do not see it being successful.

I am not going to say how long it will take or how dofficult easy it may be, as I have no idea. I am still working on my own issues. However, I feel stronger after it, ever time. It is not pleasant, but it gets a bit easier each time. Good steel cannot be formed without feeling the heat of the forge and force of the hammer. My best advice if you find yourself in that process is to just take it day by day. If you can, find someone to talk to about it, whether it be therapy or a friend/family member you can trust (obviously you don’t need to mention your practice). Like many things, it is a journey, not something that can be rushed.

And, try to find a way to make humor out of your situation. It will feel cheesy and fake at first but with practice, one can find laughter in unusual places. That can help relieve a lot of stress before it becomes devastating.


Short Update

I was informed of some news relating to my job that is troubling (got to love office politics). In response, I decided to approach Cthulu for some help manipulating the troubling parties. I called to him using the “dry” evocation method I used to contact Dagon and Hydra until I felt a shift. His presence thickened the air and his voice shot through my skull with the rolling sensation of an earth quake. He stated that he is willing to work with me in the future, but that I am currently not strong enough and need to work on invocation of both Dagon and Hydra first. I need to be able to “dwell in the whirlpools and riptides”.

I thanked him for taking the time to answer and wished him well, making a blood offering as a way to show I accepted the refusal. I then called Dagon and Hydra to discuss details for the series of Invocations I will be performing that I will be sharing later on. It will easentially be following a similiar path as the seven day invocation I performed with Sorath a few years back. I will need to do some preparation beforehand, which I will need to hold off until pay day, as I am out of salt and incense.


Donald Tyson has a Necronomicon Grimoire. What’s your take on it. I read it a couple of weeks back and am giving it a try-out.


I have not read it as of yet but I do plan on it fairly soon. I have heard good things about it.