Demonic language

I saw a video where a magician was talking about universal and demonic language and the differences between them, and now I can’t find the video, are you familiar with these two? Do you know any books about these two languages?


The only book I know about the demonic language is The Black Witch: A Grimoire of the Demonic Tongue by Enoch B. Petrucelly. Is this what you are looking for? :thinking:


Yes,that is a good book,tnx.

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There’s no general consensus on this. At all. If you read 8 different books about it, you will have 8 different opinions which will likely draw on similar sources and cherry pick what they feel is “right”. All and none of them are.

Demonolatry probably has the most going for it in that area. The honest ones will say, “we think this means X” and “we think that means Y”. There is no consensus.

Which makes sense to those that have dealt with enough from different eras and we can understand each other natively. Because we aren’t really using language.

You can also look up the term “barbarous tongues” and find similar stuff. It’s more about how you react to it than whether it’s right, true, or legit. I’ve used the demonolatry stuff, but rarely use most of the popular…authors…because I’ve not had them do anything for my personal practice.

But they may work for you. They work for others. Just be mindful that there is no definitive “language” outside of the one you create or find helpful.


Thanks to @Jk999 guidance, I have recently developed an ability in which by looking at an article I can understand whether it is a lie or not, and whether it is useful for me or not, and by looking at this answer I felt that is good, especially this part

I still don’t know why this made me feel good, I’m sure I’ll find out in the future.