Jinn Grimoire Literature?

Since dealing with Balaam I’ve been interested in the concept of Jinn and their relevance in all Western esotericism. Most of Europe’s occult traditions inherit the Aramaic family of names and entities from it’s Christian-Semitic influences. The demons, originally in the older grimoires, were actually labeled Jinn. (Ex: Magic of Abramelin & Picatrix)

After doing some surface research, the world of Jinn is actually really fascinating. Though in my search for English grimoire literature on them, I’ve come to find very little is actually published in the western occult scene.

Are there any books you might recommend, or is there really next to nothing grimoire-wise?


Check out my dude Baal Kadmons books, real good stuff in thete.

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What kind of experiences does he have in that whole current? He seemingly writes a lot of Qliphothic books. And Qliphoth and Jinn are different things.

I’ve also been looking at “Jinn Sorcery Rain Al-Alim” Seems pretty legit to get started.


He has alot of experience in various aspects send currents of Magick my friend. He is a widely respected and accomplished Magician.

I understand not wanting to waste time on bullshit upg but his work is very good.

As far as I’m aware, there is no mention of Jinn or Demons in the Picatrix.

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It might be something else then. It’s been a long time since I read those books. :smile:

I think the Picatrix mentions things like Zuhal, If I’m not mistaken. Zuhal is the Arabic title of Saturn.

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Yes, Zuhal is just the Arabic name of the Planet that we call “Saturn” in our language.


So that would mean the Picatrix is more Arabic and Aramaic in origin? (closer to Jinn magic)

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The text is an Arabic text. “Picatrix” is the title that was given to it after it was translated into Latin from Castillian (And it was translated into Castillian from Arabic) for King Alfonso X, the King of Castille, León, and Galicia.


I kinda like the fact that Jinn are believed to be rather similar to humans concerning emotions, relationships and world endeavors. It presumably makes them more relatable to a degree, as opposed to beings like the Fae, which are very. . . strange beings. :smile: (In personal experience, anyway)

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Truly, the cosmos is entirely filled with Spirits and Beings of all sorts.

Other interesting Beings that inhabit the Elements are the Nymphs, Sylphs, and Pygmies, who are traditionally seen as “Spiritualized”, but not quite the same as Spirits:

They are both flesh, blood, bone and so on, whatever belongs to a man, and in their whole nature they are like man’s. But they are different in that they have a double origin like two cousins; they are in equal way like a spirit and like man. The spirit goes through all walls and nothing locks him out; man, however, not, for he is locked out by the bolt or the lock. Just as you can distinguish and differentiate between a spirit and a man, so you shall recognize the people about whom I am writing but with the difference that they are separated from the spirits by having blood and flesh and bones. With all this, they bear children, talk and eat, drink and walk—things that spirits do not. Hence, they are like the spirits in speed, like man in gestures, figure and eating, and so they are people who have the character of spirits and also that of man, and both are one in them.

— Translated by C. Lilian Temkin et al, Paracelsus, Four Treatises of Theophrastus von Hohenheim, called Paracelsus, “A Book On Nymphs, Sylphs, Pygmies, Etc.”, p. 228.


I also recently worked with the balaam king, and I can tell you that he really does incite this kind of research, it happened to me too.
i contacted him for a work on invisibility, precognition and i also asked him to help me read the tarot astutely, and so he is doing.

i see you’ve known him longer than i have, could you tell me if this “storm” of inghts happens to you too?

sometimes the information is so sophisticated that I’m really impressed by his ability to instruct.

another thing he’s also given me is a lot of dreams, some of which are extremely vividly sexual, and on another occasion he confirmed to me that he can drain the operator’s energy through these dreams.

is there any similarity between my story and your experiences?

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He does spark intense interest in things, often bringing you to research things with a strong dedication. He did bring me mental images of reality and how it works as a simulation. Seeing past illusion means seeing past the reality that other people are trying to impose on you.

Soon after first contact, I also got a sudden interest in fine jewelry, particularly watches. I remember suddenly appreciating and researching luxury watch brands, and being fascinated by the their inner complexity and craftsmanship. I wanted to start collecting them. I also remember feeling like I wanted to change my overall clothing fashion. I did get vague sexual vibes, like the mysteriously seductive vibe. But I don’t think I’ve seen him as female. So IDK.

He does fancy the finer things in the world and that will rub off on you. :smile:

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