Conjuring & Transmuting Inner Money Demons (Andrieh Vitimus)

Summoning & Transmuting Inner Money Demons

Andrieh Vitimus outlines a fascinating money magic technique in his essay Vision and the Wealth Quest. He explains how you can identify and personalize your negative feelings about money, ie your inner money demons, and transmute or banish them as needed.

Please keep in mind that this is a simplified version and consider purchasing the book, Manifesting Prosperity: A Wealth Magick Anthology by Taylor Ellwood.

I plan on experimenting with this once the moon begins waning. The First Quarter would also be an excellent time to try this.

Step One: Find your demon

Set your intention and scry into a black mirror while chatting nonsense, until you see an image appear. The phrase you get stuck on is the name of your demon.

Step Two: Define your demon

Draw or write out an explanation of what you see in the mirror. Perhaps a sigil will appear as well. Chant the name of the entity over and over until you get a clear picture. You can use another form of divination, such as tarot, for confirmation.

Step Three: Prepare your space

Set your ritual space with a triangle composed of three words of power related to abundance that are in opposition to this entity. Set the sigil, if you received one, and name of the demon into the triangle.

Step Four: Empower your space

Shield yourself with blue light and think about the satisfaction that the three words you selected would bring you. Enter trance and empower the triangle with these sensations and visualisations. See the triangle glowing, vibrating, and pulsing bright blue.

Step Five: Conjure your demon

Evoke the entity in accordance with your own practice, but be sure to chant the name of the entity while staring at it’s sigil, if you received one.

Step Six: Converse with your demon

When you feel it’s presence, acknowledge the positive aspects of its being and that you want to hear what it has to say. It is a part of you, but you must stay in control. Maintain the state of abundance and joy. If it stays hostile, you can change its form to something more appealing with an enveloping mist.

Step Seven: Transmute or bind your demon

Keep talking with it to change its attitude. It may take several evocations. If it remains hostile and will not change, bind it to a sheet of paper, a mirror, etc., and destroy it. Be sure to replace this now empty part of yourself with a different way of thinking.

Here are some examples of what your inner money demons, or blockages, could like. They are all pulled from The Magic of Manifesting Money by Maria Sunni.

Common Money Blocks

  • You don’t deserve to have money
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Somebody else should pay your way
  • You are a giver (and thus do not receive)
  • You have low expectations for yourself
  • You are afraid of success
  • You say “no” when something comes your way
  • You reject blessings
  • You stop at hope and do not act
  • You resist and do not appreciate your life now
  • You don’t share or give what you want
  • You blame other people for your money problems

On Money Blockages