Removing Obstacles to Prosperity

Removing Obatacles to Prosperity

Do this on a Thursday.

You need a blank index card, one gold candle and a gold or green pen.

Meditate on the kind of prosperity you want. Money, success, whatever it is.

Take a second to think about the obstacles preventing you from obtaining that prosperity.

On one side of the index card write down the astrologic symbol for Jupiter and list the kinds of prosperity you want. One the side list all the barriers you face, then cross each one out.
Light the gold candle and burn the card.

Ask mighty Jupiter to help remove those obstacles and allow prosperity to flow.

Let the candle burn completely down.

I got this from the witches spell a day almanac 2016.

I modified it justa litttle.

I think it would be good to do this maybe a week or two before you do a money/wealth ritual.
Like do this during a growing moon and then your money/wealth ritual on the full moon.

Here is the sign for Jupiter



I like to use Ganesha for removing obstacles so i dont see why you couldnt do this and use him instead of Jupiter if that feels like a better fit for you.



I do too. One time about two years ago he appeared to me in a dream, and he had this little electronic device, he could cut anything out of anyones life, he just had to type it in and see if it was something that could be removed or not.

I asked him to remove my asthma, and he told me that he couldn’t, but that he removed a gut issue that would have ended my life too soon.

I experienced that scenario late this past March/April and May. It’s a complicated long story, but I never expected it was that real, I thought it was symbolic, even though I recognized it was a dream with legitimate contact.


I love Ganesha, hes just always been very easy to reach out to, and it doesn’t feel like your trying to force anything. He just feels natural and comfortable to me.


I wasn’t even trying honestly, I was just learning about mantras and how to direct the energy you build and attune yourself to while chanting towards your goal.

He gave me a servitor for the forum out of the blue like the day before we started the project. I wasn’t looking for him then either lol.

I could be wrong, but I suspect he’s related to the mantra Om Radha Krinsnya Namaha as it’s the one I have been most focused on and he came forward during its use, to give me the servitor.

(Spelling could be off, I am spelling it based on how it sounds to me)

I think I’ve seen Ganesh being considered the same as Lord Krishna, but I’m not sure if that’s universally accepted, under certain circumstances only or just one persons gnosis.


Yea I was just experimenting with different mantras when i discovered him. It was good fit for me, so I kept working with him.


You are the biggest obstacle to your own prosperity. For various reasons, sheeple are programmed to know they’ll never be prosperous - parents, teachers, religious figures, friends and the mass media. If you want to find the biggest pushers of bullshit - it’s the mass media. I bow down to these people as the High Priests and High Priestesses of arrant bullshit! And especially when you’re young, bullshit is usually served up to you subtly by the loving spoonful.

Obtain some bank deposit slips and write huge amounts of money to yourself on these slips. Carry one with you and in quiet moments meditate upon it. Maybe sticky tape one to your bathroom mirror, etc., so that your subconscious sees it but you eventually don’t.

What you’re trying to do is re-programme your subconscious to accept wealth, because otherwise your subconscious will reject wealth and effectively create a forcefield to stop it manifesting for you. Why? Because you’ve been programmed to know you don’t deserve it!


This. :arrow_up:

From what I’ve learned so far that is your UPG and I won’t take it away from you. Other have different UPG but it’s all good if it works for the individual who has it. :slight_smile:

After all in Hinduism from what I’ve learned so far all gods are supposed to be manifestations of the original source meaning their all part of a whole so it probably doesn’t matter which is the centre point to you or the first out of the source or which source if it works fir you (and as long as no deity gets mad at you for your interpretation).

If they are all from 1 just different facets/personalities/expressions then whichever works is right because non of the interpretations are wrong

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